Bathroom Decorating, Nature Inspired Brown-Green Color Combination

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Inspired by nature, elegant and fresh white, brown and green bathroom decorating ideas create comfortable and attractive eco style, elegant decorative look and pleasant atmosphere. Dark and light brown and green colors are associated with growing grass, branches and leaves on trees, that are beautiful elements of natural environment. Crispy white symbolizes light and air. (Small bathroom ideas and color schemes)


Bathroom decor accessories in white, light gray and fresh green colors lighten up dark brown storage cabinets, offering balanced bathroom decorating color combination. Light natural wood create attractive contrasts with off-white and green hues, elegant gray and beige tones add neutral accents into brown and green color combination, making nature inspired bathroom decorating ideas look lighter and airier. (Bathroom decorating ideas, romantic gray-purple color combination)

Modern bathroom decorating decorating in eco style can be enhanced with trendy accessories. Crisp white, light gray, off-white, golden and beige shades set the backdrop for accessories in comfortable brown and vibrant green colors. (Modern decorating ideas, green paint and wallpaper) White and green shower curtains, towels, window curtains and small indoor plants are simple bathroom decorating ideas that are inexpensive and easy to change.

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White-brown and green colors for eco style bathroom decor

White and green curtains, towels and small bathroom accessories, inspired by nature, add pleasant eco style to your bathroom decor and create an impressive decorative look.

White, brown and green color combination adorn bathroom design, making it feel fresh, spacious and natural.

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Modern bathroom accessories

Attractive, made of natural materials storage cabinets, laundry baskets and floor mats, modern bathroom accessories and natural decorations offer beautiful and harmonious bathroom decorating ideas in eco style.

modern bathroom decor eco style brown green colors

Natural scented candle, rocks, small indoor plants, leaves patterns, efficient lighting design and natural white-brown-green color combination create luxurious and comfortable, beautiful and stylish eco bathroom decor.

Eco style bathroom decorating ideas are simple and easy. Light brown, camel, beige, white and green color combination, metal, wood, bamboo, wicker, glass and ceramic accessories have a universal appeal.

The palette of natural colors, and simple bathroom decorating ideas create relaxing space that helps restore emotional balance. Floral and green leaves motifs give the the illusion of being in the garden. (Kids bathroom ideas, charming girls bathroom decor)

Wicker accessories, like baskets and furniture, add eco style accents to modern bathroom decor. Small bathroom accessories, made of natural wood, natural textures, – small rocks and shells, and green plants bring nature into your home, making it healthier.

Modern decorating ideas

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