eco friendly

how to make storage basket with rope

When looking for making baskets with natural rope, decide on how much space you have in your room and how you want to improve your home storage, organization and look. Handmade baskets are stylish and unique. These home accessories come in a variety of dimensions and…

rattan furniture, sustainable material

Seagrass and rattan furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures, designed by American company Palecek, showcase a creative blend of natural materials, traditional weaving techniques and modern design ideas, offering stylish, comfortable and eco friendly products

window curtains with tree branches for living room decorating

Modern house design projects by Yuri Ryntovt surprise and delight. Attractive architectural interiors and decor create interesting and functional living spaces, offering beautiful and unique contemporary homes in Ukraine. This modern house is located in Kharkiv region and built

hay for room decorating

Glass top table design from an interior designer Victoria Kolos is simple to make, eco friendly and attractive. Interesting DIY projects for making furniture pieces are a nice way to add personal accents to room decorating ideas and create character that highlights elegant and stylish eco…

garden decorations candle holders on shelves made of old wooden ladder

Outdoor garden decorations made of wooden ladders are charming. Simple and eco friendly backyard decorating ideas that recycle old items help get rid of clutter and protect the environment. Old wooden ladders make elegant garden decorations with small plants

ocean beach with driftwood

Eco-friendly table decorations, sculptural shells, driftwood and coral-like pieces beautifully dress up tables. Medium size seashells and small driftwood pieces, collected in a glass vase make inexpensive, creative and impressive table decoration for environmentally friendly homes, inspired by ocean beaches and waves. Surround the glass vase,…

red and yellow flowers create festive table decoration ideas

Yellow flowers make beautiful floral arrangements, especially when used for creating contrasting yellow color combinations with white, red, orange, pink, blue or purple flowers, fruits, pine cones or tree branches, green leaves, small indoor plants or bamboo sticks, gray and white

juju hat made of brown and white bird feathers used for modern wall decor

Juju hats are modern wall decor ideas. Large African hats, called tyns or juju hats, made of soft bird feathers, offer unique craft ideas and make unusual wall decorations. Traditionally worn by village chiefs in Cameroon, a small country in Central Africa, juju hats gained popularity…


Modern wallpaper patterns with leaves, branches and flowers are perfect for interior design in eco style. Latest wallpapers, made of leaves, shiny details and natural plants textures are modern wallpaper design trends for wall decoration in 2012.


Nature inspired white, brown and green color combination, natural materials, floral and leaves motifs and green plants are perfect ideas for eco style bathroom decorating.