Kids Bathroom Ideas, Charming Girls Bathroom Decor

children decorating ideas en suite bathroom

Personal bathroom ideas, as well as separate space in the house, add more comfort to home design. Convenient, creative and inexpensive, kids bathroom ideas transform the house dramatically, making it kid-friendly. A separate bathroom and charming girls bathroom decor are important factors in developing a girl’s personality also.


Welcoming girls bathroom decor, interesting fixtures and accessories create pleasant experiences with water. Inviting girls bathroom ideas offer functional environment and relaxing atmosphere, which are necessary for all kids, from a toddler to a teen.

Modern bathroom ideas include various collections for kids bathroom design. Today’s market offers beautifully designed kids bathroom fixtures, ceramics and wall decoration. Low sinks and shelves, a toilet bowl models are available in three sizes for young boy or little girls bathroom decor:  for 3 to 7 year old kids,  7 to 11 and for older kids.

Girls bathroom decorating ideas

pink wall painting small bathroom ideas
Small bathroom ideas, girls bathroom decor

Funny and playful characters can appear on every kids decor item, from soap pieces and towels to kids shower curtains, sinks and cabinets door knobs.

Also a mirror can be made in various shapes, designed like a pretty butterfly or a charming flower.

flower white blue bathroom yellow wall painting
Floral wall decoration

Little girl or teenage girl bathroom ideas may include colorful cabinets, towels or wall decorations. Designed for all styles and tastes, modern kids accessories help create playful, friendly and charming atmosphere.

Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns

Modern decor

Modern home decor ideas

Girls bathroom decor

One of modern bathroom ideas for girls is Ladybug theme, which can be created with white, red or orange walls, black towels or girls decor accessories.

green blue yellow shower curtains walls wallpaper
Frog theme, yellow-green-blue wallpaper

Pink bathroom accessories, little girls bathroom

Boys or girls bathroom ideas

Tropical kids bathroom decor requires yellow or green walls and colorful accessories.

Purple-pink interior color schemes for spring decorating theme

Sky Cloud kids bathroom ideas include light blue-white color palette and blue or white fluffy towels. Eco style teenage girl bathroom ideas look great with light neutral walls, girls decor accessories, made of natural materials, and bright green or yellow-green accents.

Christmas decor trends from Christmasworld

Christmas theme requires the combination of white color with green and red kids bathroom decor accessories or towels.  Olive, forest green, orange, yellow and brown colors help create Jungle theme for young boys or little girls bathroom decor.

Teenage girl bathroom ideas

Separate or en suite kids bathroom is a modern trend, which makes the house more comfortable and pleasant for kids. Simple and attractive girls bathroom decor can be created with color and inexpensive decor accessories. The project does not require a lot of money, just parents’ time and inspiration.

Modern home decor ideas:

Kids bathroom decor, traditional little boys decor themes

Sculptured contemporary rugs, floor decor ideas

Girls bathroom ideas, butterfly wall decor and mirror

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