Bright Blue and Pink Color Combination for Festive Spring and Summer Decorating

home furnishings, blue and pink color combination with light green accessories

Bright blue and pink color combinations bring festive and dynamic themes into spring and summer decorating. The Fiesta trend combines rich turquoise blue and bright pink color shades, highlights their beauty with white paint colors and spice up with a mix of bright green colors, light and deep purple color shades, orange and golden yellow tones, creating warm and playful home decorating for a spring or summer party.


The fiesta theme is inspired by gorgeous sun destinations, like Hawaii, Miami, Saint Tropez and Cancun and offers bold spring and summer decorating color combinations to celebrate life and have fun in spring and summer. The rainbow colors create vivid impressions and inject energy into spring and summer decorating. Rich and bright fuchsia pink, blue lagoon, lush grass green, lemon yellow and golden yellow colors, light green colors that add neon shades and look gorgeous with the mix of white paint colors and home fabrics in cool purple and calming gray color tones.

Bright blue and pink color combinations are festive and youthful, adding a wonderful feel of a a tropical carnival party to spring and summer decorating ideas. The color palette delights and cheers with strong contrasts and rich hues that change the mood in a room, bringing modern and energizing room colors into interior decorating for spring and summer.

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Spring and summer decorating with bright blue and pink color combination

Bright color combination for summer party decorating

The living room decor features calming and soft details also. The sofa upholstery fabric and decorative pillows, floor rugs, window curtains and bed covers are made of natural and pleasant fabrics that make interior decorating relaxing and comfortable. Bright blue, pink and green colors, combined with soft home fabrics, feel optimistic and cozy at the same time.

This color combination is perfect for creating Bohemian home decor. Various fabrics with interesting prints blend well with unusual decoration patterns and different textures, creating unique room decor that makes a statement and intrigues with the whimsical mix of decorative details. Fringes, beads and handmade decorative accessories, blended with exotic fragrances, help create amazing spring and summer decorating ideas with a touch of Bohemian chic.

Turquoise blue and pink color combination with a touch of white and light green colors

turquoise blue and pink color combination for interior decorating
Turquoise blue and pink color combination, colorful home fabrics and blue and white paint colors

These spring and summer decorating ideas are inspired by gorgeous weather and bright sunny days. Bold blue and pink color combinations with very bright accents in green colors offer a great opportunity to create Caribbean or Mexican room decor at home. Spring and summer decorating ideas allow to do quick and cheap changes in room decor, and bright color shades, comfortable and soft fabrics and fragrances are ideal for easy interior decorating for warm seasons.

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White and pink color combinations for summer and spring decorating

Bright blue and pink color combinations are wonderful interior decorating ideas that bring life and energy into your spring and summer home. Interior decorating colors create a strong impact on people, affect our mood and transform room decor in no time. Colorful spring and summer decorating ideas with breezy fabrics and interesting decoration patterns, combined with bright room colors, raise energy levels and add joy to our life.

Bright and soft home fabrics in pink and light gray colors, colorful fabric prints and decoration patterns for summer party decorating

Natural home fabrics used for window curtains and small decor accessories, such as throw pillows, blankets and hammocks, work well creating wonderful mood and brightening up room decor in a stylish way. Light and pleasant window curtains, bright blue and white paint colors, bold pink fabrics invite spring and summer fun into interior decorating.

Decorative fabrics in bright solid colors, summer party table decoration

Home fabrics for outdoor decor, beautiful summer decorating ideas

Bright color combinations feel sunny and cool, blending playful details with relaxing feel, and transforming your room decor with the stunning blue and pink palette, freshened up by white and green colors.

Turquoise blue and white paint colors, bright room decor accessories

These interior decorating ideas from Maisons Du Monde, provide fabulous inspirations and tips from home decor experts.

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