6 Interior Color Schemes and Decor Themes for Spring and Summer Decorating in Style

interior trends in home decorating, themed decor ideas and color combinations

Spring and summer decorating invites the nature inside with beautiful interior color schemes and light home furnishings. Spring and summer decorating ideas bring wonderful themes and new combinations of materials, finishes and textures, creating a fresh look with natural fabrics, inexpensive decor accessories and stylish room colors.


Six interior color schemes and room decorating ideas from French designers show elegant and modern ways to transform your home interiors and create a fresh look with spring-summer decorating ideas. These interior decorating ideas from Maisons Du Monde, www.maisonsdumonde.com/ provide fabulous inspirations and tips from home decor experts. Neutral color combinations with light gray and blue color shades or bright interior color schemes with pink and green colors can change your rooms dramatically, creating different mood and adding stylish decor accessories to existing furnishings.

The six beautiful interior color schemes and spring-summer decorating themes are designed by French decorators to satisfy any taste and create gorgeous, comfortable, inviting and stylish rooms for warm seasons. Rearranging your home furnishings and adding themed decor accessories are a great way to save money on spring-summer decorating. Pull in a piece of wicker furniture or add an exotic lantern to your room decor, and bring style and a new theme into your home spring-summer decorating.

Modern interior decorating ideas for spring and summer decorating

interior trends in home decorating, themed decor ideas and color combinations
Nature inspired interior trends in decorating, modern interior color schemes and room decor ideas

Themed decor accessories are an excellent items for creating a new style. You do not need to live by the beach to enjoy a collection of seashells or driftwood decorations. Also you can create an exotic room decor in Indian style and enjoy oriental interior decorating ideas even if you never visited this colorful and dynamic country. Six modern interior color schemes and wonderful products from Maison Du Monde will help to select a perfect decor theme to spice up and brighten up your spring and summer decorating ideas.

A few modern ideas and right color combinations will lighten your interior decorating for the warm months ahead. Accessorizing, changing interior color schemes and using natural home fabrics dramatically transform room decor and add lots of fun to spring-summer decorating.

interior trends in home decorating, themed decor ideas and color combinations
Modern interior trends in decorating, themed decor ideas and interior color schemes

Interior decorators from Maisons du Monde, France, offered six trends, six interior color schemes and decor themes for modern spring-summer decorating. These trends in home decorating are inspired by the nature and journeys to exotic countries, and offer elegant and calming or bright and cheerful home decor ideas.

Six interior trends for spring and summer decorating

White and pink color combinations for summer and spring decorating

Green and red color combinations for spring and summer decorating

Neo-classic bedroom decorating ideas blending neutral colors and lace

Cool gray and blue color palette with brighter accents for spring and summer decorating

Bright blue and pink color combination for festive spring and summer decorating

Ethnic interior decorating ideas mixing neutral colors with exotic accents

Check them out and get inspired for personalizing your interior decorating ideas with an interesting, fresh and spectacular decor theme or unique accessories created by French designers. Their spring-summer trends in decorating will stimulate your creativity, encouraging to create more beautiful comfortable, relaxing and welcoming home interiors and outdoor rooms for the warm seasons.

  Posted: 19.06.2014 by Decor4all