Charming Bathroom Decor, Old World Bathroom Decorating Ideas

ideas for bathroom decorating antique interior design style

Antique and vintage interior design styles add romance and Old World chic to modern bathroom decor. Beautiful and elegant bathroom decorating ideas in antique and Victorian styles feel pleasant, luxurious and inviting. Modern bathrooms are beautiful retreats for relaxation while taking a bath, not only functional places to maintain hygiene of men.


A cast iron bath is perfect for bathroom decor in antique or vintage interior design styles. Durable and simple, quiet (low noise level at a set of water) and colorful contemporary cast iron bathtubs add elegance to bathroom decorating ideas. Also cast iron bathtubs keep the water at a comfortable temperature longer, making modern bathrooms more comfortable and enjoyable.

Claw foot tubs, associated with charming Victorian bathroom decor, come in various shapes and sizes, in solid colors, with beautiful floral patterns or elegant stripes. Claw foot tubs can be positioned in the center of a spacious bathroom, in a cozy alcove or against the wall in small bathrooms, creating charming focal points.

modern decor ideas for bathroom decorating victorian style

Antique bathroom decorating ideas

Claw foot tub can be encircled with a luxurious shower curtain. Old World style, antique bathroom decorating ideas, – cast iron bathtubs, typical claw foot tub design, vintage style fixtures, adapted for showering and charming curtains bring romantic accents into modern homes, adding unique character to bathroom design.

Antique bathroom decor accessories, sinks and toilets are available in various colors, offering beautiful elements of Victorian interior design style. White fixtures and colorful floral patterns are modern trends and attractive ideas for bathroom decorating in vintage style.

modern ideas for bathroom decorating vintage interior design style

Floral patterns that include lilac, purple, pastel pink, light green and blue with white, black, beige, cream or silver tones are great for romantic bathroom design.

Bathroom decorating ideas, romantic gray-purple colors
Bathroom decorating ideas, brown-green color combination

Creamy pink, light turquoise and golden tones are stylish also. Huge selection of modern bathroom colors and designs make it easy to choose bathroom decor accessories and fixtures for antique and Victorian interior design styles.

ideas for bathroom decorating vintage interior design style

You can enjoy abundance of visual elements or minimalist antique bathroom decor, selecting vintage bathroom decorating ideas that support antique interior design styles and reflect your personal taste.

Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns
Romantic wall decorating ideas, lace and doily patterns

Antique bathroom decorating tips

1. Use elegant curtain and upholstery fabrics, cords, tassels and needlepoint coverings.
2. Bring furniture and decor accessories with stone or wood carving ornaments and marble tops.

3. Decorate floor with oriental rugs. (Sculptured contemporary rugs, floor decorating ideas)
4. Modern chandeliers and decorative wall sconces are great for creating soft and romantic bathroom design.
5. Select mirrors and picture frames with wood carving ornaments, gilt or pewter finish to add chic and shine to bathroom design.

6. Beautiful wallpapers and light wall paint colors, moldings and wainscoting are period ideas for bathroom decorating.

Bathroom decorating ideas, soft pink wallpapers and wall paint
Color trends, pink paint colors for walls

7. Add copper, brass or nickel faucets with porcelain or ceramic handles, silver or golden plating.

8. Create an attractive display with antique perfume bottles. Antique boxes, glass bottles and candle holders with white or cream candle sticks are excellent bathroom decorating ideas that create romantic mood and Old World charm of Louis XV and Victorian interior design styles.

Modern bathrooms, fusion of styles

Contemporary ideas for bathroom decorating, bright purple and pink colors

Contemporary comfort, bright colors and graphic patterns, combined with classic claw foot tub and traditional sink design, offer modern bathroom decor, a creative interpretation of Victorian interior design style and Old World traditions.

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