30 Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas, Blue Bathroom Colors and Nautical Decor Themes

white and blue bathroom colors and nautical decor theme

There are a few modern bathroom decor ideas inspired by the ocean that blend white and blue colors with nautical decor, driftwood and sea shell crafts and images of dolphins, ocean waves, beaches, fish and sea creatures. White and light blue bathroom colors are better for small bathrooms. Deep blue bathroom colors can add drama and a spectacular look to larger rooms.


Selecting a bathroom decor theme is an important part of beautiful, unique and modern bathroom design and decorating. Nautical decor theme offers lots of ways to bring ocean inspired images into bathroom decor and style your room with wall art, a floor rug, a shower curtain or small bathroom accessories that support the selected bathroom decor theme.

White and blue bathroom colors look peaceful and fresh. Bathroom wall paints, tiles designs or bathroom wallpaper patterns in white and blue colors blend beautifully with ocean inspired bathroom decorating ideas, and especially great for the nautical decor theme.

Modern bathroom decorating in white and blue colors

Driftwood crafts and nautical decor ideas for bathroom decorating

Nautical  decor theme and ideas for bathroom decorating

The gorgeous nautical decor theme if perfect for modern bathroom decorating. There are many different types of bathroom accessories and wall decorations for the nautical decor theme, that work well with white and blue bathroom colors.

Sailboats and tall ships, nesting boat wall shelves and decorations with anchor images, coral and sea shells, creative hooks and storage containers are popular nautical decor accessories.

Shower curtain with anchor images, nautical decor theme for bathroom decorating in white and blue colors

Tan, white and blue bathroom colors, and combinations of dark wood, driftwood and rustic wood decor pieces create stunning bathroom decor that is interesting, cool and inviting.

Nautical decor ideas for kids rooms

Nautical bedroom decor, bright colors and fun decorating ideas for kids

Seashell bathroom decor

Seashell bathroom decor theme creates natural and pleasant rooms in light colors, enriching interior decorating with unique shapes and texture of sea shells, beach pebbles, corals and starfish designs. Light bathroom colors that include beige, light neutral colors and soft pastel color tones are an excellent choice for small room decorating.

Sea shell bathroom fixtures

A real coral or sea shells can be combined with all types of sea shells images on walls, bathroom towels or shower curtains. Colorful corals and rare sea shells look fabulous, and all types of sea shells offer a great material for making wonderful sea shell art and crafts for modern bathroom decorating.

Nautical decor, candle sail set for nautical theme party table decoration

Paper boat dinnerware sets, nautical theme party table decoration ideas

Ocean waves and fish bathroom decor ideas

Bright bathroom colors and fish bathroom decor are a cheerful choice for kids bathroom decorating. Kids enjoy bright wall paint colors, fish wallpaper patterns, ocean wave accent wall designs and clear shower curtains stamped with bright imaged of fish, jellyfish  and other ocean animals. Bright bathroom accessories, storage bins and bathroom towels create optimistic and playful bathroom decor, offering great inspirations for selecting kids bathroom colors.

Ocean wave wall art print for modern bathroom decorating in white and blue colors

Ocean waves bring modern rich blue colors into bathroom decor and add a surprising and impressive detail to stylish bathroom decorating. Bright bathroom colors, combined with blue color, fish decor theme and kids toys look wonderful, adding fun to bathroom decorating ideas and personalize modern bathroom design in an elegant, adventurous and playful way.

Nautical decor ideas for young sea lovers dreaming in boys bedrooms

Kids bathroom decor, traditional little boys decor themes

Fish and sea shell images for kids bathroom decorating in blue color
Nautical decor ideas for modern bathroom decorating in red, white and blue colors

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