Stylish Bathroom Decorating Ideas, Soft Pink Walls

gray pink color combination bathroom decor accessories

Pink color is beautiful and tender. Red-pink bathroom decorating ideas are stylish and dynamic. Soft pink bathroom decor feels charming and romantic. Light pink wall paint colors, wallpaper patterns or tile designs are flexible and stylish ideas for bathroom decorating. Pink color suits all interior design styles, from classic to contemporary minimalist room decor.


Black and white bathroom decorating ideas, furniture, tile designs, wallpaper patterns or wall paint colors look great with all pink color tones. White towels with black trims add a classy touch to black-white and pink bathroom colors. Black and white color combination with golden accents and stylish red-pink shades create glamorous, Hollywood inspired, bright and modern bathroom decor.

Elegant gray and cream bathroom colors take pink decorating ideas to a whole new level, adding calming and relaxing accents and sophistication to furniture, wall paint, tiles, pink wallpaper or bathroom decor accessories in pink color.

golden mirror frame bathroom decor accessories shelves

Brown tones are popular bathroom colors. Combined with golden and soft pink wall paint or wallpaper patterns, brown shades and wooden furniture create warm and welcoming, pleasant and modern bathroom decor.

Inspired by 1950s bathrooms designs, pink color is back, bringing fresh tones and offering a contemporary color combination with white, black, brown, gray, cream, golden, purple and green bathroom colors.

small bathroom decorating ideas beautiful wallpapers flower

Soft pink bathroom decorating ideas and fresh white decor accessories create light bathrooms designs and cottage-like, care-free, relaxing atmosphere.

Wicker bathroom decor accessories, white towels and curtains, sea shell or grass wallpaper patterns,  and green house plants add a coastal, casual and light flavor on bathroom decor. (Country style room decorating, gray, white, red-pink color combination)

cream light pink ideas for bathroom decorating wallpapers

Flower wallpaper patterns, leaves and tree branches in pink color tones bring romantic accents into modern bathroom decorating. (Bathroom decorating, brown-green color combination)

Modern chandeliers, candle like lights, white, gray, cream and pink candles and thick towels create luxurious atmosphere. (Bathroom decorating ideas, romantic color combination)

Pink color is modern for wall paint and tile designs. The combination of pink color and gray or black stripes or tiles offer creative and balancing bathroom decorating ideas that are great for contemporary decor style.

Purple, gray or black towels and small bathroom decor accessories with stripes, checks or circles, striped wallpaper patterns or painted stripes on walls are modern bathroom decorating ideas that suit masculine and feminine bathroom decor.

Masculine bathroom decorating ideas, white and gray color combination

If you like shabby chic bathroom decorating ideas, using old style hardware and fixtures with pastel pink color tones creates retro-modern bathroom decor.

Stainless steel accessories, framed pictures from 1950s, old perfume bottles and boxes add charming retro flair to modern bathroom decor, creating more fun and beauty in your life.

  Posted: 01.09.2013 by Decor4all