Delightful Table Decorations, Easy Fathers Day Ideas

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On the third Sunday in June we celebrate Fathers Day. Fathers are very special people. Handmade Fathers Day presents and table decorations are a great way to demonstrate our love and appreciation. Simple and easy to make Fathers Day presents and table decorations, created by kids and adult children, are charming and meaningful. Dads will treasure handmade special Fathers Day gifts for many years to come.


Smart and simple table decorations that include your father s favorite food, elegant fresh flower bouquet and small handmade Fathers Day presents help create a festive atmosphere for a special person in your life. Your Dad s favorite music and few Fathers Day cards or paintings on the wall that he will love to see are simple Fathers Day ideas that add fun and please your Dad.

Think about creating table decorations in accordance with your father s nature, hobbies and interests. You can use golf balls for a golfer and rubber ducks for a fisherman. Your dad s business or profession can be a great inspiration for choosing table decor theme and creating personal table decorations for him. (Glass painting ideas, dads birthday and Fathers day gifts)

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Fathers Day ideas and table decorations

1. Simple Fathers Day crafts, like handmade ties and knitted socks or mustache with a frame, used for creating table centerpieces with flowers, make wonderful Fathers Day gifts. Dad s favorite BBQ sauce bottles, decorated with handmade Fathers Day cards are great gifts.

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2. Giant coffee mugs, filled with dads favorite chocolate candies, small gifts, made of fabric and Fathers Day cards. (Table decorations, charming table decoration with fabric)

3. Making a personalized dining chair covers for Dads and grandfathers with letters embroidery is a clever Fathers Day idea. (Modern dining chair covers, fresh room decor)

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4. A handmade paper weight is a very simple and practical Fathers Day gift idea. A small bag, made of a piece of thick fabric, filled with sand or a small beach rock, decorated with My Dad Rocks, I love you Dad, You are special Dad signs and Dad’s personal letters, make great Fathers Day presents.

5. Handmade car fresheners, made of two pieces of felt and ribbon with a small bottles of essential oil are nice Fathers Day presents that are useful and pleasant. Think what is the best shape for your dad’s gift, like violin-shaped or guitar-shaped car freshener is perfect for a musician, wheel-shaped car freshener makes meaningful present for a driver, a spoon-shaped or an apron-shaped car freshener are great gifts for a cook.

Making patriotic table decorations and using the national flags color combination are wonderful decorating theme also. (Patriotic decoration, decorating theme and color combination)

Add flowers and a card to handmade Fathers Day present and arrange beautiful table centerpiece that will pleasantly surprise your dad.

6. Tell your dad how special he is with edible Fathers Day presents, like a cake, a fruit basket or a basket, filled with chocolate kisses.

7.  Copy your favorite picture of you and your dad and color it to make a charming Fathers Day present, that shows how much your dad means to you.

8. Set the table, creating luxurious and elegant look with white, light cream, blue or silver table cloth, a special place mat and fresh flowers, arranged in a homemade vase, decorated for Fathers Day. (Simple Glass painting design ideas, vase or wine glass painting)

9. Decorate Father Day party table with mini lights and flowers, small Fathers Day presents and cards. Carnations and lilies are perfect for highlighting the table decor. Select favorite colors for masculine decorating, like brown, black, forest green, red, navy blue, white and gray tones. (Masculine bathroom decorating ideas, white and gray color combination)

10. Make Happy Fathers Day letters and decorate Father Day party table with them, adding cards and confetti.

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