Crystal Lighting Fixtures, Exposed Crystal Bulb Lighting from Lee Broom

modern lighting fixtures, pendant lights

Exposed bulb pendant light is modern and popular lighting design, but this Crystal Bulb from Lee Broom look not only stylish, but unique and gorgeous. Inspired by cutting crystal craft, this exposed crystal bulb lighting design is very special and creative, bringing more light and the exclusive look into modern homes.


The Crystal Bulb lighting and Crystal Bulb Launch designs by Lee Broom, www.leebroom. com/ are created with hand blown and beautifully carved crystal bulbs that add unique charm and rich look to exposed bulb lighting ideas.

Lee Broom worked with Cumbria Crystal in UK to create these luxurious lighting design in elegant minimalist style. A single hanging crystal bulb or a group of crystal bulb lighting designs with various cutting patterns makes a strong statement and give character to any interior.

Modern lighting fixtures with felted lamp shades

Handmade lighting fixtures, unique artisan lighting design

Crystal lights

modern lighting fixtures, pendant lightsModern lighting fixtures, carved crystal table lamp and pendant lights with exposed crystal bulbs

Crystal bulbs play with light, creating an amazing light display and a magical ambiance in the room. Crystal Bulb and Crystal Bulb Launch lighting ideas are exceptional, rich and very decorative solutions for creating bright and modern interiors.

The delicate craftsmanship of crystal cutting and contemporary technology makes Crystal Bulb lighting designs are super modern and impressive. Lead Crystal Bulb is cut with a classic crystal pattern by English craftsmen, and that makes this lighting fixture feel familiar, nostalgic and luxurious.

exposed crystal bulb lightCrystal Bulb Launch, unique lighting fixture for modern interior decorating

Each of modern lighting fixtures is designed to fit any standard ceiling, wall or lamp fitting, and can be hung solo or in clusters, creating enchanting light effects.

Home lighting fixtures in Egyptian style

Contemporary lighting fixtures from MOOOI, mirrored lamp shades

Crystal Bulb can be purchased on its own for £109 or with the cable fitting available in chrome, polished gold or brushed gold for £189. Each cable fitting includes the silk flex color matched to the fitting and a ceiling rose.

modern chandelier with exposed crystal bulbsModern chandelier with exposed carved crystal bulbs, luxurious interior decorating ideas

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