Halloween Party Decorations, Mad Tea Party Decorating Theme for Adults

colorful halloween decoration ideas and creative halloween party decorations

Halloween party decorations, inspired by famous books, are a wonderful way to celebrate American holiday, creating fresh Halloween ideas and decorating themes for the perfect Halloween party. Unique Halloween party decoration ideas, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Carroll Lewis, will surprise your guests and make everybody laugh and have fun.


If you like cute and classy, instead of creepy and scary Halloween decorations, Mad Tea Party decorating theme is one of excellent options for creating playful Halloween party decorations in retro style, adding vintage flavor to table decor and pleasant atmosphere to Halloween celebration.

When it comes to serving food and vintage Halloween decorations, you may want to avoid the slime, skeletons and the bloody hands. Delicious food in dark brown and black colors, elegant vintage Halloween decorattions, inspired by the famous story, traditional Halloween-themed table decorations and dinnerware in yellow-orange colors will create unique and colorful Halloween party table decor and evoke more fun than unpleasant feelings.

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Creative, unusual and friendly Halloween decorating ideas and delicious recipes are perfect for small family gathering and large neighborhood Halloween party. Many of these vintage Halloween decorations and food recipes can be used for other holidays and special events, when you want to change the table decoration mood or add dark brown and black colors.

You want everything to be perfect for your adult guests. Spend some time and put your greatest effort into your Halloween decorating ideas to create the mood for a wonderful event. This is the one night each year when people look forward to strange things and characters, enjoying food in dark brown and black colors. Think of your menu as an important part of Halloween party decorations.

Black-and-white plates and attractive fabric napkins, vintage lace and antique table decor items help create sophisticated Halloween party decoration. Simple and elegant linens in gray and soft deep orange colors bring warm accents to party table decor, expressing a more adult ambiance than the typical Halloween party decorations for kids in bright orange colors.

Incorporating a few Halloween-themed, fun and playful party table decorations into vintage table decor will emphasize the unique holiday decorating theme and spark conversation. Graphic black-and-white plates, glasses and trays in vintage style, a touch of deep orange colors and impressive food presentation are the highlights of Halloween decorating ideas for adults.

Vintage Halloween decorations that add more fun

– framed silhouettes, made of black paper, for wall decoration,

– vintage lace fabric, simple and elegant tablecloth, napkins and dinner chair covers, old umbrella, large clocks, extra large playing cards, handmade party invitations in retro style,

– funny messages on cards, scattered around the table, like Drink Me, East Me, Poison, Dangerous, We Are All Mad Here,

– small homemade Halloween decorations, black spiders and bats, witch hats and pumpkins, made of craft paper or felt, fall flowers in light and deep orange colors and napkin rings, made with fall leaves, nuts, pine cones, acorns or tiny witch broomsticks.

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