Glass Bottle Decorating, Craft Ideas and Table Decorations

glass bottle decorating and paper craft ideas for adults

Easy paper craft ideas for adults for colorful glass bottle decorating create attractive and bright table decorations and festive atmosphere in the dining room. Birthday parties and holidays are perfect time for simple crafts and making decorations that add more bright color into your dining room decor.


Bright and playful glass bottles make unique room decor accessories that can be grouped into interesting bottle collections that add a personal touch to interior decorating. Simple paper craft ideas for adults give a chance to design colorful bottle labels, developing unique and personal design.

Bright colors and shiny craft paper or wrapping paper, glass beads and small buttons, ribbons and feathers are decorations that can be created for glass bottle labels made of colorful craft paper or soft plastic. Unique and interesting, vinegar, wine or perfume bottles look gorgeous, offering inexpensive and charming table decorations or room decor accessories. Glass bottles, adorned with beautiful paper or plastic decorations, make excellent small gifts.

Unusual glass bottle decorating

Six wine bottle decorating ideas are developed by creative company Taet-Tat, Switzerland. Weinhllen bottle labels are sold in packs of 3 or 4 pieces and cost about 8 euros.

You can decorate anything, jars, bottles and vases, using these wonderful craft ideas. Creating decorative jars and bottles is a fun activity that kids and adults will enjoy. Think of different seasons and holidays and create a bright decorative jars and bottles composition that will surprise and delight your guests.

Decorative bottles with unusual feathers decorations make stunning centerpieces and table decorations. Inexpensive and simple vinegar or wine bottleĀ  decorating ideas can quickly transform kitchen or dining room decor, creating a bright focal point. Decorative jars and bottles, especially retro style perfume bottles with unique handmade bottle labels make striking display in the bathroom.

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Get creative and inspired by simple craft ideas for making unusual glass bottle labels. Then use colorful glass bottles as unique table decorations or unusual room decor accessories that add festive mood and playful accents to your home interiors.

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