Handmade Home Decorations and Toys for Kids Room, Craft Ideas

crochet ottoman with starfish pattern, baby room ideas

Handmade home decorations are fun. They add a beautiful theme, playful accents and interesting toys for kids room decorating creating light and functional, unique and very personal nursery decor. Here is a collection of few simple baby room ideas that bring original handmade home decorations into nursery decor.


Young kids decorating and styling the nursery is an adventure. Favorite characters, pleasant images, soft and natural materials create a special atmosphere for dreams. Handmade home decorations, made of natural materials, look nostalgic, allowing you to indulge in your own sense of playfulness and creating romantic and familiar nursery decor.

There are so many various local and international handmade home decorations and toys that you can use for young kids room decorating. You can make them or buy, creating fantastic, light and comfortable environment for a baby or toddler.

Handmade home decorations and toys for kids room

baby room ideas, cotton gull birds decorations
Nursery decor ideas, cotton gull birds decorations

Made of natural and light cotton and filled with wool Seagull Mobile birds are graceful and beautiful. These handmade home decorations are great inspirations for craft projects. Available in a set of two or three gulls, hand stitched by Masami Akatsuka birds cost 84 and 122 Euros.

Wooden pull toys are another way to add contemporary handmade home decorations to your nursery decor and young kids room decorating. Enzo The Dog is designed by Studio Delle Alpi, available in many colors and decorations patterns, and cost 55 Euros.

baby room ideas, wooden pull toy
Handmade decorations, wooden pull toys and craft ideas for young kids room decorating

Wooden and made of fabric animals and birds make great items for kids room decorating. Handmade home decorations add warmth and cosiness to interiors, personalizing your nursery decor and young kids room decorating.

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Wooden toys for kids, crochet baby room ideas and handmade decorations from Zenzi Design, Germany, La Casa De Coto, Spain, and designer Furze Chan.

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