Large Pillows Turn into Sleeping Bags, Poufs and Contemporary Seats

contemporary seat

Large pillows that turn into sleeping bags or contemporary seats look like toys, playful and adventurous, perfect for lazy living. Creative and decorative home accessories impress and delight with surprisingly simple and elegantĀ  design, pleasant color combinations and textures of modern home fabrics.


This innovative large pillows Blandito are ideal for times you need a break. They look cute and will comfortably fit your body, wrap it and hug with love, offering comfortable pads or seats. These large pillows, that can be quickly transformed into sleeping bags or low contemporary seats, are created in OradariaDesign studio,, based in Florence.

This wonderful home accessories showcase interesting design, connecting abstraction to reality by unusual and creative forms. Italian designers love to reform ordinary daily routine and transform ordinary objects into personal and intimate, creating new representations of every day life.

Large pillows

large pillows for inteior decorating
Large pillow, floor pad and contemporary seat, unique decorative accessories

Large pillows Blandito are on sale for 359 Euros. Soft pads demonstrate wonderful design for kids rooms, showing the beauty of simple decorative accessories in a surprising way. These large pillows are a blend of research and innovation, observation and experimenting, presenting a great home decor items that kids and adults will enjoy.

Large pillows Blandito can be used as huge soft pads for play on the floor. They can be converted into contemporary low seats. They will work as a mattress for a guest. these decorative accessories are appealing and functional, warm and soft, comfortable and interesting. The large pillows are available in various color combinations and three sizes – 150 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm in diameter.

large pillows and seats
Huge floor pads transformations, innovative decor accessories

If you like to make your own pillows, these huge pads are excellent inspirations for DIY interior decorating projects.

Giant Sleeping cat couch, unique furniture and large pillow by Unhold

Decorative cushions, food inspired designer pillows

Modern home decorating ideas, decorative pillows from Studio Vertijet

creative decorative accessories
DIY decorative accessories inspiration, colorful large pillows, sleeping bags, seats and poufs

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