kids and toys

kids decor ideas, modern furniture decor accessories lighting fixtures for children bedroom decorating

Creative decorative accents, unique details, and bright colors can transform kids room decorating., bringing beautiful design or exotic decor theme into homes. Children bedroom decorating can be changed quickly and effortlessly without spending lots of money while reflecting your kid’s personality and favorite room colors. Kids…

kids designs, sleeping bags and soft toys for kids and adults

This sleeping bag is designed to encourage kids and adults to overcome the fear of wild animals, connect to the nature in a new creative way and decorate rooms with a functional and unique decor accessory that is inspired by bears. Decor4all presents this interesting idea…

kids furniture and children bedroom decor ideas

Room decorating ideas for kids need to playful, colorful, safe and comfortable. Multifunctional furniture and decor accessories, bright lighting design and interesting decorations create beautiful, stimulating and welcoming children bedrooms and playroom decor. Organizing spaces for kids with creative storage systems and playful furniture for kids,…

recycle crafts made of old jeans

Easy to make toys, Christmas tree ornaments and decorative accessories are a nice way of recycling old jeans while exploring wonderful and fresh home decorating ideas and adding beautiful blue color to your existing palette. Many everyday objects can be used for creating great homemade toys,…

handmade lighting design and craft ideas

This unique lighting fixture is called Bear Candelier. It is designed and created by talented artist Kevin Champeny.¬† The Candelier is made for Jellio and has over 3000 hand cast acrylic Gummi Bears.¬† At 18 inches in diameter, the colorful lighting fixture creates a stunning focal…

teepee tent with led lights for kids room decorating

Teepee tents designed for children and adults are unique, eco friendly and creative kids room decorating ideas that provide cozy small spaces perfect to play or have a nap. Teepee tents feature portable structures and can be moved outdoors creating a wonderful centerpiece for backyard design…

fabric painting ideas for designing kids storage spaces

Bright interior decorating ideas are great for kids rooms, adding energy and optimism to living spaces for children. Creative storage solutions make kids rooms look interesting and organized, making interior decorating feel more spacious, stylish and airy. DIY storage solutions cave you money while teaching kids…

colorful snake made of felt fabrics

Snake craft ideas create beautiful soft kids toys and gifts that are safe even for very young children. Handmade snake crafts make excellent, original and meaningful home decorations also, especially in 2013, the Year of the Snake. According to the Chinese lunar calendar one of the…

modern kids room decorating ideas

Kids room decorating ideas, inspired by trips to different countries are interesting and versatile, suitable for boys and girls bedroom decor. Traveling decorating theme is a wonderful idea, the favorite theme for many children and their parent, inviting them to work together at creating stimulating and…

contemporary seat

Large pillows that turn into sleeping bags or contemporary seats look like toys, playful and adventurous, perfect for lazy living. Creative and decorative home accessories impress and delight with surprisingly simple and elegant  design, pleasant color combinations

crochet ottoman with starfish pattern, baby room ideas

Handmade home decorations are fun. They add a beautiful theme, playful accents and interesting toys for kids room decorating creating light and functional, unique and very personal nursery decor. Here is a collection of few simple baby room ideas that bring original handmade home

handmade home accessory for storage

Shark felt basket is a nice accessory to add to your laundry room or kids rooms, emphasizing nautical decor theme. Made of felt, this Shark basket looks very realistic, and is excellent storage ideas for clothes and toys. Neutral gray color and white details will easily…

large pillow cover that looks like elephant

TANTO bean bag is more than a soft furniture item. Bean bag design adds a familiar and friendly image of an elephant to kids rooms, brightening up the entire space and creating very interesting kids decor. TANTO bean bag is a modern furniture design concept which…

playful kids dishes

Playful kids plates, inspired by a transportation theme are wonderful gift ideas for kids and their parents. Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski created interesting kids plates, great for interacting. The set of Transportation Plates is fun tableware that brings the interesting theme into table decor

children's cups and dishes

Playful kids cup set from German designers will turns breakfast into exciting game, creating fun atmosphere and offering colorful kids table decorations. Train Breakfast Set includes a wooden boards that work as kids dishes and kids cup holders, dishes on small wheels and colorful

children bedroom furniture design

Animal beds for kids are fun bedroom furniture design ideas that look like stuffed toys. Kids take toys to beds for comfort and safety. Attractive and huge stuffed animal beds for kids are toys that are waiting for children in the bedroom. Large and soft Teddy…

blue and orange halloween decorating ideas for kids

Modern Halloween ideas for kids bring light decorating colors and soft toys, healthy treats and funny images. Halloween decorating ideas for kids create bright party table decor that evokes pleasant emotions. Games and friendly characters create wonderful memories about Halloween party

sculptured contemporary rugs are modern kids room decorating ideas

Kids rooms decor accessories and furniture are toys for kids. Young children like to play with furniture, cushions and home decorations. Sculptured contemporary rugs with toys are excellent kids room decorating ideas that bring stimulating interesting themes and functional


Fun decorating ideas for kids party include small spinning toys that are great items for table decoration. Small toys bring exciting decorating themes and make wonderful after party gifts.


Animal and bugs theme is great for table centerpiece ideas and table decoration that will please kids and create colorful and friendly table for kids party.


Decorating your kids rooms with their favorite toys allow to find unique and interesting theme, personal kids rooms ideas and attractive storage solutions for children toys.