Making Origami Pillows and Adding Unique Texture to Interior Decorating

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Making Origami Pillow and adding unique texture to your interior decorating gives an original and stylish look to your room decor. Excellent for kids rooms, family room, living room or master bedroom decorating, these beautiful, functional and very decorative pillows can add the charm of the Japanese origami art to your room decor. These attractive handmade throw pillows look perfect on beds, sofas and chairs.


A few origami pillows created with various fabrics can be placed around the bed and decorate your living room sofa in elegant and unique style. Also these homemade pillows look very decorative, when positioned on the chair or sofa, adding captivating accents to your interior decorating. The versatile square shape with origami design is what makes these pillows exclusive and amazing.

Large decorative pillows made for children can be filled with micro beads. These home accessories are very comfortable and elegant. These pillows are ideal when you want to add a fantastic accents to Asian interior decorating or spruce up your traditional room decor.

Making pillows for interior decorating

Handmade home accessories for interior decorating, Origami Pillow

You can make these pillows with all sort of fabrics, from cotton to felt, adding fabulous texture, original design and your favorite color to interior decorating. These decorative pillows are excellent home accessories for personalizing your room decor and adding an artistic touch to your home furnishings.

You have the choice of creating your own unique, handmade and customized pillows from attractive fabrics pieces, keeping in mind your interior decorating color scheme and style that you wish to enhance.

Making pillows of fabrics

Origami Pillow tutorial

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