Modern Home Lighting Fixtures with Birds Decorations, Design and Craft Ideas

handmade lighting fixtures with bird decorations, craft ideas

Modern home lighting fixtures with bird images on lamp shades or bird decorations look unusual and romantic. Bird images can bring color and create unique designs, enhancing home lighting fixtures and adding more interest to room decorating. Birds decorations are worth adding to home decor, creating one-of-a-kind accents and making rooms look unique.


Birds images on lamp shades and bird decorations can become attractive details that personalize interior decorating and add colorful accents in matching your decor hues. The use of birds decorations bring unique vintage style into modern interior decorating. Birds images were popular in the Victorian times.

Birds decorations were used as hanging ornaments, plant holders, space fillers and garden knick-knacks, creating fabulous centerpieces for outdoor and interior decorating. Today birds decorations can be used for creating modern room decor in vintage style, that is symbolic, romantic and creative.

Birds decorations bringing vintage style into modern home decor

Large crystal chandelier with colorful bird decorations

Handmade crafts and faux birds are beautiful and a bit extravagant home decorations. Birds images on lamp shades or decorative birds perching on pendant lights and chandeliers transform home lighting fixtures and create amazingly creative  designs.

Bird images and home decorations, including birds and bird cages, are versatile and suitable for many room decor styles, from oriental interior decorating, to Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Tuscan and English decorating styles. Birds decorations are great for tropical home decor also.

Beautiful birds resting on crystal chandelier

Birds add a whimsical touch to room decor, turning home lighting fixtures into gorgeous centerpieces for interior decorating.

Birds inspired wall decoration ideas for kids rooms

Table lamps and ceiling lights, Birds collection

Bird decorations are a way to connect modern interiors with the nature and enhance room decor with the natural themes. t material. Decorative bird cages and faux birds decorations allow to add a variety of materials, like wood, iron, acrylic, brass and fabrics to home lighting fixtures and alter lamps design with a personal touch.

Modern chandeliers with birds by artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz

Decorative bird cages, faux birds decorations and handmade crafts are ideal for creating unique home lighting fixtures in vintage style, that make a statement and give character to room decorating. Faux bird decorations are ideal for your winged pets that are colorful and beautiful.

Bird images for wall decoration, modern wallpaper, wall stickers and painting ideas

Decorative bird house theme and kids room ideas

Birds decorations that are used for decorating home lighting fixtures do not take lots of space while adding color, familiar shapes and fantastic texture to your interior decorating in vintage style. Decorative bird cages, handmade bird crafts or faux bird decorations have a universal appeal and are wonderful for creative, unusual and surprising room decorating in vintage style.

Unique lighting fixture with birds decorations

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