Modern Wall Decoration with Venetian Masks Made for a Masquerade

collection of venetian masks made fo a masquerade look like wall decor art

Wall decoration with Venetian masks, traditionally made for a masquerade ball or carnival parties, and modern interior decorating with exotic masks from far away countries are interesting wall decor ideas and exciting interior design trends that bring unique masks, the symbols of mystery, intrigue and illusion into modern homes. Originally masks, made for a masquerade ball, carnival parties or religious ceremonies were used to hide people faces, but today beautiful and colorful carnival masks become attractive wall decoration that create unique collections and wall decor art pieces.


Traditional Venetian masks, made for a masquerade ball or special event celebration, are associated with carnivals in Venice, but can be used for wall decoration also, adding adventurous and fun atmosphere to modern interior decorating ideas. Venetian masks create striking wall decor art collections, that add colorful accents, light and textures to interior design, offering unique wall decor ideas and making wall decoration look festive and bright.

Contemporary and traditional Venetian masks for a masquerade are usually decorated with feathers, rhinestones, lace, gold or silver painting and intricate designs. Modern interior decorating ideas that include Venetian masks, look gorgeous and unusual, and can be used for any room decor, matching color palette and style. The collections of similar Venetian masks in different colors or masks in various styles and sizes are stylish, elegant, bright and modern wall decoration ideas that add a personal touch to interior design.

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Venetian masks

Each of medieval Venetian masquerade masks were unique. Making masks for a masquerade ball or carnival parties are interesting and creative activities, allowing to develop personal mask designs that can be used later as wall decorations.

Masquerade mask

Masks are one of the earliest and the most mysterious inventions of a man. Initially a masquerade mask was a part of a costume for festivals in ancient Greece. A masquerade mask represented the tragic and comic character types, and were used during religious and secular ceremonies also, – dancing, drama, rituals, masquerade or carnival festivities.

Modern interior design trends for wall decoration with masks bring ancient traditions of using masks for a masquerade into contemporary life and adds charm and meaning to modern interior decorating with carnival masks.

Venetian carnival masks and masks from exotic countries are popular home decor accessories, used for furniture and wall decoration. Unusual and unique masks bring wonderful memories about traveling to unique places, adding mysterious spirit to modern interior decorating and blending old traditions with modern interior design.

Wall decor ideas

Venetian carnival masks have not been used for any rituals. These colorful masks for a masquerade ball and carnival parties will brighten up room decor, filling your home interiors with holiday atmosphere, light, fun and buffoonery. Venetian carnival is a part of world culture, and Venetian masquerade masks create an imaginary door into the captivating and mysterious world of medieval Venice, which we can experience now.

Venetian masquerade masks are unique gifts and souvenirs from Italy that can be creatively used in modern interior decorating. Ceramic Venetian carnival masks in various colors make beautiful wall decorative collections, create eye catching focal points and inspire stylish and bright wall decor ideas. Handmade masks for a masquerade ball, decorated in Venetian style, are attractive wall decorations and wonderful craft ideas that bring the spirit of famous Venetian carnival into your home.

  Posted: 28.09.2011 by Decor4all