feathers decorations

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Here is a collection of beautiful embroidery designs created with feathers and beads by Jiaran. Feathers add charming accents to the artworks and make birds look realistic. It is one of the most impressive works of art that appear beautiful and expressive. Feathers transform the embroidery…

Painting ideas that transform bird feathers into home decorations and unique gifts are easy and simple. Inspired by Native American art, hand painted feathers decorations look beautiful, adding personal and artistic details to wall decor, bringing bright patterns into southwestern homes. Modern wall decorations can be…

Swan feathers decorations with handmade paintings from Ian Davey are unique, tender and beautiful. Inspired by Maori art and spectacular beauty of New Zealand, a Maori artist, who lives now in England, creates wonderful paintings on bird feathers that make gorgeous gifts and home decorations

Designing, painting and decorating masquerade ball masks Venetian style is a way to enjoy beautiful craft ideas, creating unique and unusual room decor accessories and modern wall decorations. Venetian masquerade masks are simple craft ideas that will enrich your wall decorative collection or add

Wall decoration with Venetian masks, traditionally made for a masquerade ball or carnival parties, and modern interior decorating with exotic masks from far away countries are interesting wall decor ideas and exciting interior design trends that bring unique masks, the symbols

Juju hats are modern wall decor ideas. Large African hats, called tyns or juju hats, made of soft bird feathers, offer unique craft ideas and make unusual wall decorations. Traditionally worn by village chiefs in Cameroon, a small country in Central Africa, juju hats gained popularity…

Black feathers and hearts decorations add romantic accents to party table decor, offering dramatic and inexpensive table decoration ideas. Black feathers, butterflies and hearts decorations in turquoise color create elegant and luxurious combination with white tablecloth, plates