Modern Wallpapers with Leaves, Beautiful Eco Style Decor

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Inspired by nature, eco interior design style bring pleasant room colors and relaxing decorating themes into homes. Modern wallpaper patterns, textures and colors are artistic interpretations of existing plants, elegant branches and beautiful flowers. Wallpaper patterns, inspired by unique, attractive and interesting shapes of leaves, look especially fresh and welcoming on walls. Natural soft and tender colors, leaves and floral motifs create a perfect combination for eco interior design style and wall decoration in 2012.


Natural motifs, wooden furniture and natural fabrics make home interiors feel inviting, harmonious and healthy. Soft natural colors create pleasant atmosphere that is great for rest and relaxation. (Eco interior design style, floral wallpaper patterns in soft colors) Modern wallpaper patterns with leaves and branches create the illusion of an open space. Neutral and light colors with white or light gray tones are excellent choice for stylish and spacious interior design in eco style for 2012.

Modern wallpapers with leaves, flowers and branches in silver or shiny off-white tones, that reflect more light into a room, are new design trends for 2012. Leaves in neutral or soft natural colors, like, light blue, green, yellow, beige and cream, look luxurious with silver and white accents, offering striking and unusual interior design in eco style.

Beautiful wallpapers

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eco interior design style wall decoration trends

Modern wallpaper design trends

Leaves provide great inspirations for interior design. For centuries wallpaper patterns with leaves have been used for decorating interiors of noble homes. (Bedroom decorating ideas, green wallpaper) Modern wallpaper patterns with leaves, branches and flowers, combined with room decor, made of natural or eco friendly materials, including natural wallpapers, are stylish decorating trends that will help create unusual, interesting and stylish home interiors for 2012.

Ethnic and eco interior design styles are popular. Cane, bamboo, jute and other plant fibers are used for creating unique, pleasant, interesting and unusual room decor.

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Natural motifs (Modern wallpaper patterns, trees and branches) and oriental patterns, combined with beautiful wallpapers that bring natural plants textures into home decor, are latest interior design trends for wall decoration in 2012.

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Latest wallpapers, made of leaves and thick paper, are offered in many soft colors. Natural materials, used for creating beautiful wallpapers from leaves, and stylish natural motifs with leaves, branches or flowers help design an atmosphere of a beautiful garden.

Modern wallpaper colors

Modern wallpapers in solid colors are perfect for smooth and flat wall decoration. The combination of wallpapers in solid colors and stylish wallpapers with leaves, branches or flowers, is a great choice when you want to refresh walls, add attractive textures and modern wallpaper patterns to wall decor.

Small or very large leaves patterns in natural cool colors, like light blue, lilac, dusty pink or green, will visually extend the space, creating airy interior design in eco style. (Bathroom decorating, nature inspired brown and green color combination)

Beautiful wallpapers with leaves in warm colors, like red-pink, orange, yellow, beige and brown help create cozy room that looks smaller, balancing its proportions.

Modern wallpaper patterns with vertical leaves on branches in neutral or light shades increase room dimensions visually, creating elegant, spacious and luxurious interior design in eco style for 2012.

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