Saving Money Diy Book Case Inspired by Original Design from Anthropologie

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Diy book case is a great project, inspired by the original design of Vintage Books Boxed Set which is available from Anthropology catalog for $1,400. A one-of-a-kind set in a custom made case is curated by Kinsey Marable, who left his job as an investment banker to deal with a more exotic commodity: rare and out-of-print books.


The original book case comes with six vintage cookbooks and is made of Baltic birch plywood. So you can make your own cases for your books, adding functional, attractive and inexpensive designer home accessory to your kitchen or room decor.

The case is custom made to fit certain books your want to display. It is made by gluing few slivers of birch plywood together. This creative, saving money DIY project was spotted at WhollyKao,

unique gift ideaOriginal book case with vintage cookbooks, unique gift idea
book storage ideasDIY book case made of birch plywood

This appeared to be simple DIY project requires time and patience, but the result is worth it. A wonderful custom made case looks original and attractive.

Buying few books and making a case for them create a great gift that is inexpensive and impressive. It is a fabulous way to surprise anybody with this special gift that shows your talents.

diy home accessories for book storageMaking book case of plywood

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