color trends

interior decorating with hreen accessories, furniture upholstery fabric and green paint color

Malachite green colors are rich and beautiful. As all green colors, these modern color design hues are fresh and peaceful, symbolic and fascinating. Modern decor ideas, inspired by malachite minerals and gemstones, create fabulous home interiors and office designs that evoke images of forests, grasslands, and…

latest trends in room decorating

Modern decor ideas reflect the latest trends in fashion design, art and interior design. Modern decor ideas blend provocative and original with classy and comfortable, creating beautiful rooms and color combinations. Exciting fabric prints and rich room colors, unusual painting ideas and soft textures, shiny metal…

moroccan interior decor and room colors

Modern interior decorating ideas that include architectural features, room furniture and decor accessories in unique Moroccan style create a charming and impressive blend of exotic and elegant in living spaces. Moroccan style decor ideas are the perfect choice for eclectic interiors or ethnic interior decorating with…

modern interior decorating ideas with bright room colors and natural decor themes

Beautiful home fabrics and modern wallpaper patterns from British designers blend elegance and exotic charm, offering spectacular ideas to brighten up and style interior decorating. Decor4all presents modern ideas, fabric prints, wallpaper patterns and room colors for creative and bright interior decorating. The collection Voyage of…

modern interior decorating in classic style. pastel room colors, vintage furniture, floral wallpaper patterns and home fabrics

Modern room decor ideas in classic style create fabulous, romantic and pleasant home interiors. Elegant vintage furniture, decor accessories and wallpaper patterns in pastel colors blend softness into functional, very comfortable, luxurious and modern interior decorating in classic style. Decor4all shares beautiful home decorating ideas from…

bright room colors, interior decorating in 80s style

Neon room colors are associated with modern interior decorating in the 80s style. Bright neon colors can be loved or hated, but they offer a great way to transform your room decor with eye-catching-accents, bring youthful energy into your home and quickly change your interior decorating…

interior trends in home decorating, themed decor ideas and color combinations

Spring and summer decorating invites the nature inside with beautiful interior color schemes and light home furnishings. Spring and summer decorating ideas bring wonderful themes and new combinations of materials, finishes and textures, creating a fresh look with natural fabrics, inexpensive decor accessories and stylish room…

blue dining table and chairs

Modern interior decorating with blue color shades add fresh and stylish look to living spaces. Rich and bright or saturated and pastel blue color tones are gorgeous and versatile, suitable for any room decorating. Blue color shades can modernize your home interiors with stunning look and…

red accent wall design with floral wallpaper and red living room furniture

Interior decorating ideas that incorporate red colors are powerful and energetic. Modern home decor feels passionate and dynamic with red accent walls, floor rugs or furnishings. Home decorating fabrics in red colors, bold red wall paint and modern wallpaper patterns add stunning, exciting and romantic elements…

room colors and latest trends in decorative fabrics

Modern interior trends in decorating walls, decorative fabrics and textiles 2013 bring beautiful materials, fresh color combinations, 3d textures and new technologies, blending contemporary designs with traditional, classic and ethnic interior decorating

brown wall paint and turquoise furniture upholstery fabric

Dark chocolate brown colors are deep dark and comforting tones of brown color, celebrating rich and cozy home decorating color trends. Dark brown room colors, – interior paint, modern wallpaper designs, home furniture and decor accessories in dark brown color, – look very attractive and elegant

purple and green stripes wallpaper

Striped wallpaper patterns are a vibrant modern design trend in wall coverings. Attractive and bright or elegant and calming striped wallpaper patterns by Tapeten Agentur are perfect for your empty walls. Stylish colors and trendy color combinations will create bold splashes

blue upholstered chair

Blue color is one of modern interior trends that bring rich color shades into modern homes. Traditional and contemporary floral designs in blue color look gorgeous and exclusive. British designer Tricia Guild combines rich and soft blue color shades with golden yellow, pink , purple and…

black and white decor pillows and tableware

Black and white decor look spacious and calm. Black and white color combination feel balanced and quiet. Little details in other colors highlight the beauty of black and white decor. Modern interior decorating ideas from experts will help to find the best solutions for your rooms,…

tangerine in reddish orange color

Refined and dramatic Tangerine Tango hue is one of gorgeous and glamorous color trends in 2012. Deep orange color tone is variant, inspired by colorful warm sunsets and juicy citrus fruits. Tangerine Tango combines the dynamic power of red color with the warmth and joy of…

small christmas tree decorated with lights

Christmas decorating ideas are influenced by modern interior design trends, bringing modern golden yellow decorations and rich blue colors into modern homes. Dark blue and gold Christmas colors, combined with purple and black, gray and soft cream, white and brown, create stylish Christmas

golden green christmas tree decorating

Christmasworld, the largest holiday decorating trade show, offered four color trends for 2011-2012 Christmas decorating and other winter events decor. There are no taboos when it comes to exciting and creative Christmas themes or festive and gentle Christmas colors of 2011-2012 winter holiday

bed sets and modern bedroom ideas with color trends

Modern bedding patterns and color trends bring stylish and optimistic bedroom decorating ideas, patterns and color combinations. Modern bed sets are great inspirations for making bedroom ideas more interesting and comfortable, bringing beautiful decorating themes, exciting patterns


Summer party ideas look more elegant with decorative fabrics in solid colors. Tablecloth and napkins add bright color accents to summer party table decorating ideas, creating festive atmosphere. Nature inspired, modern decorative fabrics colors are wonderful summer party ideas that emphasize the beauty of patio stone…


House decor with ikat patterns in bright or soft colors is one of interesting modern interior design trends. Ikat is beautiful silk or cotton fabric from Asia. Traditional bright and vibrant exotic ikat patterns differ from village to village. Each strand is individually dyed and than…


Stylish light pink ideas for bathroom decorating feel soft and romantic. Modern wallpaper patterns, wall paint or tile designs in pink color tones add tenderness and elegance to modern bathroom decorating.


Walls with striped wallpaper never look boring. Interesting wall decoration ideas that include stripes wallpaper, paint and floral wallpaper patterns create attractive room decor and relaxing mood of eco interior design style.


Modern wallpaper patterns with leaves, branches and flowers are perfect for interior design in eco style. Latest wallpapers, made of leaves, shiny details and natural plants textures are modern wallpaper design trends for wall decoration in 2012.


Elegant gray color schemes, functional bathroom accessories and simple decorating ideas create comfortable masculine bathroom interior that feels tranquil and relaxing.


Creamy white, gray and purple color combination is a perfect choice for romantic, stylish and soft bathroom decorating ideas, that include modern bathroom decor accessories, inspired by flowers decorating theme.


Lace fabric, crocheted doilies, beautiful wallpapers and stenciling designs with lace and doilies patterns are modern interior decorating trends that offer unique and stylish wall decoration ideas.


White-blue-red color combination, stars and stripes are modern decorating ideas for patriotic decoration for National holidays in spring and summer, Memorial Day and 4th of July celebration.