Retro Bathroom Decorating in 1950s 60s Style, Modern Bathrooms

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Retro bathroom decorating ideas in 1950s and 60s style feel soft, sentimental and beautiful. Retro bathroom decor makes modern homes look stylish, relaxing and unique. Soft bathroom colors and bright accessories, various textures and exciting themes are associated with retro style ideas for bathroom decorating, inspired by modern in 1950s-60s bathrooms designs.


Light bathroom colors, like tender green, pastel pink, turquoise and blue, soft yellow, orange, purple and brown, combined with cream and white color shades, create retro bathroom decorating look. Retro style chrome faucets, sinks and bathtubs with rectangular shapes and rounded edges support retro theme and ideas for your bathroom decorating in 1950s-60s style.

Chrome fixtures and ceramic tiles for floor and wall decoration are perfect for bathroom decorating in 1950s and 1960s retro style. Round lamp shades, soft fluffy shag rugs in front of sinks, bathtubs and toilets, black, white and red tiles, geometric patterns and stripes on walls give your modern bathroom decor wonderful retro style feel. (Striped wallpaper, interior design in eco style)

Retro ideas for bathroom decorating, inspired by 1950s bathrooms designs

retro ideas for bathroom decorating interior design style
retro ideas for bathroom decorating red wall tiles

Rectangular bathtubs are great for modern bathrooms in 1950s-60s retro style. Rectangular bathtub creates a clean and simple interior design, which allows to experiment with existing bathroom decor accessories.

Rectangular bathtubs, installed in a corner or against the wall are space saving solution for small bathrooms designs.

1950s bathroom decorating ideas yellow blue colors

Attractive combination of oak furniture and shelves with varnish and chrome finish bring 1950s and 60s into modern homes, offering bright and relaxing retro style bathroom decorating ideas.

Retro bathroom decorating ideas, inspired by 1960s bathroom

Small bathroom ideas, airy bathroom color schemes
Bathroom decorating ideas, romantic gray-purple colors

Modern bathroom decorating ideas inspired by retro styles

Modern decor, Old World bathroom decorating ideas
Modern bathrooms, bathroom decorating in art deco style

Vintage pieces, especially old perfume bottles and glass vases in white, black, deep green, blue, orange, pink and red colors are retro style ideas for bathroom decorating that bring dramatic accents and add unique character to retro-modern bathrooms designs.

Soft pink bathroom decorating ideas
Contemporary bathroom decorating ideas, bright purple and pink

Retro style bathroom decor accessories give comfy, cheerful and homey feel to modern bathrooms, changing the entire bathroom decorating to retro style with vivid colors, dynamic and playful geometric repetitive patterns.

1950s or 60s magazines pages in wooden or silver colored frames, retro style clock and mirrorĀ  help modern bathroom decor in retro style look bright, interesting and trendy.

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