Unique Knitted Animal Heads Making Faux Taxidermy Wall Decorations

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Knitted animal heads make unique faux taxidermy wall decorations. Colorful and original, these home decorations are great for any interior, from kids room to family rooms and bedrooms. Decor4all presents the knitted animal heads that look attractive and friendly, blending amazing skills, creative design and pleasant colors into the unique knitted wall decorations.


Making the faux animal heads with needles and yarn is a special talent. Louise Badger sells knitting kits for all knitting fans and create these original wall decorations herself also. She lives in Brixton, London and designs the knitted toys for kids and adults. Stuffed toys are ideal for kids room decorating, but also can make nice gifts for adults.

Knitted animal heads are non-traditional crafts that turn yarn into colorful and attractive faux taxidermy wall decorations that allow to add unique accents to interior decorating and show the individuality. These artworks are inspiring, and help to explore the natural themes for interior decorating. Animals heads created with yarn are amazing 3-dimensional versions of real animals that add depth and texture to modern interior decorating.

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Faux taxidermy wall decorations

Knitted wall decorations, animal heads

Faux taxidermy wall decorations add a bit of humor to modern interiors and make people smile when they see the knitted and stuffed animal heads. These soft and friendly characters bring light and joy into the world of crafts and beautifully enhance room decorating ideas.

The stuffed toys and wall decorations are sold at Etsy, Sincerelylouise, www.etsy.com/ca/shop/sincerelylouise.

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