Art Deco Furniture, Decor Accessories and Lighting Fixtures for Elite Interior Decorating

art decor furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures for modern interior decorating

Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures bring unique and luxurious items into modern interior decorating creating elite rooms with an amazing atmosphere of beauty, elegance and originality. Art Deco decorating ideas are spectacular and one-of-a-kind, bold and beautiful, blending exotic materials with contemporary finishes and creating comfort with chic home fabrics.


Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures are functional and very decorative, ideal for making a statement and design spectacular rooms. Art Deco furniture pieces vary in form from streamlined and elegantly simple to items with curvy edges and intricately stepped shapes. When buying Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures it is important you pay for the quality of extraordinary materials and finishes.

Rich expensive leather and fine wood, silk upholstery and floor rugs add luxurious accents to Art Deco decorating ideas and large furnishings. Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures highlight fine wood and metal finishes, creating bright and noble interior decorating.

Art Deco furniture for fine interior decorating

Art Deco furniture, wall mirrors, vases and lighting fixtures

The contrasting color combinations and dazzling designs of Art Deco furniture pieces inject energy into Art Deco decorating. With a black chair upholstery fabric and light wood armrests, or black table legs and an orange table top, Art Decor furniture are excellent for striking and impressive Art Deco home decorating.

Art Deco decor accessories and lighting fixtures

Fabulous Art Deco decor accessories and lighting fixtures, tall floor lamps and table lamps, glass and ceramic vases, wall mirrors in gilded frames and wall lights are fantastic elements of Art Decor decor that look like artworks while being functional.

Art decor decorating ideas, console table with wall mirror, decorative vase and table lamp in Art Deco style

Modern interior decorating with Art Deco furniture uses black and white photographs in elegant frames, decorative sculptures, stained glass and mosaic designs to enhance the atmosphere of luxury and show off unique Art Decor furniture pieces and lighting fixtures.

Art Deco decor creating top notch modern interior design and decorating

Fabulous Art Deco furniture adding rich colors and unique designs to modern interior decorating

Art Deco decorating ideas

Bold wall decoration with stylized floral ornaments or simple geometric shapes, like octagons, hexagons, ovals, circles, triangles and diamonds add even more interest and aesthetic appeal to Art Deco home decorating ideas, creating finest rooms with top notch eclectic vibe.

Living room decor in Art Deco style

The Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures create artistic, very decorative and functional modern interior decorating perfectly blending wood furniture and extravagant metal finishes, glass and natural stone, leather and ceramics into fascinating rooms.

Art Deco decorating ideas, minimalist Art Deco interiors

Beautiful apartment ideas in classic style with Art Deco decor accents

Classic decor accessories are mixed with contemporary items and  lighting fixtures. Silk floor rugs and modern video equipment create a beautiful blend of new technology and traditional luxury. Art Deco furniture brings function and outstanding appeal into elegant and chic home interiors, ideal for those who like to make a strong statement with Art Deco decorating ideas.

Art Deco furniture, tables
Art Deco furniture and lighting fixtures for dining room decorating

Art Deco furniture for modern interior decorating in light neutral color

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