Unique Quilt Posters, Inspiring Craft Ideas for Modern Wall Decoration

patchwork art, contemporary wall decoration

A unique quilt makes a lovely wall decoration. Using basic craft tools you can create fabulous contemporary wall art for your empty walls. Old quilts can be transformed into beautiful wall decorations also. Here are few gorgeous, unusual and inspiring craft ideas from Anne Brenneke, a fashion designer who created amazing quilt posters.


Turning an old quilt into a modern wall decoration enables you to preserve a quilting pattern in a way that will not take up an excessive amount of storage space in your home. Creating a contemporary wall decoration that brings an old craft into modern interiors, makes your wall decor meaningful and unique.

These unusual artworks by Anne Brenneke look interesting, fresh and contemporary. The quilt posters may inspire you to learn the art of quilting and create a fabulous wall decoration for your home.

Patchwork artworks, contemporary quilt posters

patchwork art, contemporary wall decoration
Contemporary patchwork art, quilt poster, modern wall decoration

A quilt is an incredible wall decoration. Made from fabric, ribbons, beads and buttons, quilts turn ordinary rooms into remarkable living spaces. Designing quilt posters is a great way of honoring traditions and celebrating creative interior decorating ideas.

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contemporary quilt poster for empty wall decorating
Contemporary quilt poster, unique craft ideas for designing modern wall decor
quilt poster, contemporary wall decor
Large quilt poster, unique handmade wall decoration

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