Made of Sand Decorative Vases by Yukihiro Kaneuchi Adding Japanese Accents to Modern Decor

japanese vases for flowers

Decorative vases are wonderful home decor accessories that add a fresh look, style and elegance to modern home decor instantly. Modern decorative vases come in various shapes, materials, sizes, styles and colors and often look like contemporary artworks that make a statement, enhancing room decor personality.


Made with sand decorative vases from Japanese designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi, blend contemporary design with elegant and simple, traditional Japanese decorations look. Inspired by a simple and popular game, these home decorations add fantastic accents to interior design and help create original, authentic and modern home decor.

Bou-Taoshi is a game. The rules are simple. Players make a heap of sand and place a branch in the center, then each player takes turns removing sand, the one who causes the branch to fall loses. It is a common sight in several Japanese temples, where the conic shape represents where god first came in the mythological age. The sand heap is also considered to be an object representative of a divine spirit.

Unusual decorative vases in Japanese style

decorative vases in cone shape
Cone-shaped decorative vases in Japanese style

The shape is also used in a ceremony for laying cornerstones, a process through which the building site is purified, though here, the sand is removed using a hoe.

It is thought the children’s game  Bou-Taoshi originated through observing these experiences, and translating them to their playgrounds – sandboxes and the beach. In its current form, children are not aware of this heritage, and in a sense are unconsciously creating an object representing a divine spirit and completing the ceremony for purifying building sites.

japanese vases for flowers
Made of sand decorative vases for flowers

Sand vases are a meaningful artistic reflection of this research, creative home decorations in a primitive form for a Japanese flower.

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unusual decorative vases, home accessories in japanese style
Creative and unusual decorative vases in Japanese style

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