Vintage Style Mushrooms and Butterflies Decorations, Recycled Crafts

silk butterflies decorations

Vintage style mushrooms and butterflies decorations look precious. Made of a piece of recycled cotton or kimono silk, these beautiful decorative accessories are hand stitched. Flaws and odd stitching are expected and celebrated, adding unique charm to vintage style lampshades, walls, furniture or decor accessories.


Small handmade mushrooms and butterflies decorations are designed as a decorative accessories. Butterflies decorations have beautiful blooms on wings. The asymmetrical appearance feels interesting, unusual and stylish. Elegant mushrooms are carefully sculptured of fabric also, offering inspiring recycle craft ideas for decorating your home in vintage style.

These mushrooms and butterflies decorations are delicate decorative accessories, which contain wire, soft silk fabric and beads. The wings are stiff and hold their shape permanently. The moth is 39cm in width and length is 14cm. Unusual and delicate home decorations is a nice way to give a final touch to your romantic home decor in vintage style.

Handmade home decorations in vintage style

silk butterflies decorationsSilk butterflies decorations, unique ideas for recycle crafts

Making mushrooms and butterflies decorations for your home if one of exciting recycle crafts that turn trash to treasure. Buying them at bring unique gifts that make your mom or sister smile.

Mushrooms are made of recycled cotton fabric, velvet and silk pieces, that are reversed to create a fungal type texture. Tiny hand stitched details and tiny frayed ruffs around their necks make mushrooms decorations in vintage style look gorgeous and very realistic. Mushrooms stems and caps are reinforced with steel wire and up cycled steel pieces. They can be gently posed and hold their position beautifully.

blue mushroom made of recycled fabricBlue mushroom decoration made of recycled cotton fabric, handmade home decorations in vintage style

Mushrooms and butterflies decorations look great lent against an empty window, in a old jam jar on a fireplace or lying down on top of a stack of books. These beautiful handmade home decorations in vintage style look fabulous in any room.

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You can also simply loop some thread under the neck and hang unique home decorations on the wall quite easily, dramatically transforming your room decor and creating charming atmosphere of elegant vintage style. Unique mushrooms and butterflies decorations may inspire you to add more vintage furniture and decor accessories to your favorite living space, adding New Victorian flavor to room decor.

moth decoration made of recycled fabricMoth decoration made of cotton fabric, beads and metal wire, unique recycle crafts in vintage style

Mushroom and butterflies decorations look like little characters, adding the nature inspired theme and life to vintage furniture and decor accessories. The cap becomes the head, the stalk the body and the frill is a tiny frayed scarf complete with tiny pearly button. Handmade mushrooms and butterflies decorations have a quiet gentle presence.

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