Handmade Butterflies Decorations on Walls, Paper Craft Ideas

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Butterflies decorations transform the atmosphere and decor style of a room. These paper craft ideas are inexpensive and very impressive. Handmade butterflies decorations look great on walls in kids rooms or any room in the house, allowing your imagination run wild and creating beautiful, romantic and unique wall decor.


Butterflies decorations created with paper can be designed in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Wall decoration possibilities never end when you start enjoying these paper craft ideas. Handmade  butterflies add 3d look and a personal touch to wall decoration, bringing the wonderful, nature inspired theme into your home decor.

Kids and teenage girls would like to decorate one of their room wall with these simple and elegant butterflies decorations. Made of paper butterflies make unique gifts that surprise and delight kids and adults. Girls will adore these cute feminine designs as they like and cherish every moment spent in their bedroom, decorated with handmade butterflies.

Handmade butterflies decorations on walls

Handmade butterflies decorations

With wall decorations like butterflies, the color design possibilities are limitless. You can create colorful butterflies or make these inexpensive and beautiful home decorations in one color. Colorful and sparkly butterfly bedroom decor looks charming, adding a touch of Bohemian style to interior design.

Butterfly themed decor ideas are glamorous and romantic, feminine and alluring. Butterfly themed decor ideas are a great way to express yourself and inject romance in your rooms with spectacular butterflies decorations on walls, ceiling or furniture.

Black butterflies fixed on on blue wall with safety pins

They are very simple to make and even a child can help your decorate with these fantastic paper crafts. You can design a stunning artworks with these wall decorations, or use paper butterflies to complement a mural painting on your wall, a mirror frame, ceiling and furniture.

Handmade butterflies decorations for gift boxes, recycle craft ideas

Feather and hearts dinner table decorations in black and turquoise blue colors

Butterfly wall decor is ideal for interiors and outdoor rooms. Made of wood, metal cans or flexible plastic, these beautiful wall decorations can brighten up any  living spaces and offices. Any interior design with butterflies decorations on the walls appear cheerful, interesting, playful and inviting.

Paper butterflies for creative and modern wall decoration

Garden houses and garages, sheds and fences provide wonderful surfaces for handmade butterflies decorations created of wood, metal cans pr flexible plastic.

Dolfi butterflies decorations, romantic butterfly theme and room decorating ideas

Silver butterflies decorations in black, chic interior decorating

How to make paper butterflies

To make paper crafts you need thick craft paper, scissors, glue gun, safety pins, pliers, and time. Make a few butterflies decorations in various sizes and arrange them in sets of many, creating a unique and spectacular display on your wall. If you like these paper craft ideas, make several styles of butterflies, creating amazing wall decor in your room.

How to make paper butterflies

Decorated with handmade paper butterflies, your wall will look pleasant, adding summer decorating vibe to interior design instantly. Handmade butterflies change the atmosphere of the house into a more relaxing and playful. These cheap home decorations give a great opportunity to recycle paper and decorate all flat surfaces in your house in style.

Vintage style mushrooms and butterflies decorations, recycle craft ideas

Little girls bedroom decorating with light room colors, beautiful fabrics and butterflies on walls

Ideas for modern wall decoration with butterflies

Colorful butterflies decorations made of vinyl records, recycle craft ideas
White butterflies on purple wall
Black butterflies on white wall

Craft ideas for wall decoration with butterflies

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