Zebra Prints and Decoration Patterns Personalizing Modern Bedroom Decor

bedroom furniture, upholstered ottomans with zebra stripes

Zebra prints and black-n-white or colorful zebra decoration patterns  personalize bedroom decor, adding a funky touch to decorating ideas. Zebra prints and decoration patterns in any color combination create a unique decorating style that looks bold and exciting. Zebra prints, especially in black and white colors, are easy to match. Home furnishings with zebra prints complement room decorating, creating a very bright, attractive and modern bedroom decor.


Zebra decoration patterns are dynamic and distinct. Home decorating fabrics and wall painting in solid colors. look wonderful with zebra fabric prints and decoration patterns. A single item, like a lamp shade, room furniture or a decorative pillow made of fabrics with zebra prints will brighten up room decorating and create a statement without making bedroom decor feel overwhelming.

Black and white stripes and fabric prints are natural, balanced and versatile compliments for modern bedroom decorating. For more of a youthful and stylish look you can add colorful bedding sets, modern wallpaper, window curtains, floor rugs or decorative pillows with zebra prints in colors, and combine a bold color with black and white room decorating, creating stunning focal points displaying this unique decoration pattern.

Modern bedroom decorating with zebra prints and striped patterns

bedroom furniture, upholstered ottomans with zebra stripes
Bedroom furniture upholstery fabric with zebra stripes in black and white

Bed upholstery fabrics with zebra prints, bedding sets, window curtains, floor rugs or decorative pillows with zebra stripes add a contemporary flare to bedroom decorating ideas. Home decorating fabrics with zebra prints can refresh old upholstered furniture, adding excellent accents to your bedroom decor. Painting an accent wall or decorating ot with modern wallpaper are other nice ways to bring this wonderful decoration pattern into bedroom decor.

Bedroom decor items with zebra prints look masculine in neutral colors, like white-n-black, white-n-gray, but also feel feminine with a splash of color. Bedroom decor accessories with zebra prints and colorful zebra decoration patterns are bright and powerful, allowing to design a strong  impact without spending a lot of money on bedroom decorating. Used in moderation, they do not overtake even a small room, while adding style and personality to modern bedroom decor.

zebra floor rug, green and orange bedroom colors
Zebra floor rug and colorful bedroom decorating ideas in green and orange

Bedroom decor accessories with zebra prints can be soften with calming decorating colors, and bring interest to your bedroom  decorating in elegant and sophisticated style. Layering is a great technique for adding bold decoration patterns. Mixing home furnishings in solid colors with zebra prints create very attractive room decorating.

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Even small bedroom decor accessories, as lamp shades or decorative pillows with zebra prints, a small wall art that brings zebra decoration pattern into your room, will totally change the bedroom decor and create a surprising element that emphasizes interesting and modern bedroom decorating ideas.

black and white furniture upholstery fabric print with zebra stripes
Black and white room decorating with zebra prints

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