3 Simple Glass Painting Designs Created with Colorful Dots and Lines

colorful and simple glass painting designs

Glass painting ideas bring art into home decorating and can transform clear glass vases, wine glasses and plates into beautiful items for table decoration. Decor4all shares three simple and inspiring glass painting designs that are easy to create, colorful and modern.


Glass painting designs that created with colorful dots, vertical and horizontal lines, add a unique touch and personality to decorative vases and modern tableware. Interesting color combinations that support your table decoration theme produce a beauty that leaves your guests surprised, delighted and mesmerized.

Glass painting designs offer this amazing and artistic way of table decoration. Fascinating glass painting art and simple glass painting designs create very attractive tableware and unique gifts that are highly valued and cherished. The originality, interesting look and charming beauty of glass painting designs make decorative vases and wine glasses so special and versatile, suitable for any occasion and table decoration style.

Simple glass painting designs for decorative vases and wine glasses

Glass painting designs

Simple glass painting ideas

Anything made from glass can be painted. There are numerous glass painting designs that turn simple wine glasses, vases and plates into gorgeous table decorations and very special gifts. Painting glass is an ideal art and craft idea for kids and adults.

Colorful dots, simple lines and geometric shapes can create fantastic glass painting designs and transform ordinaty items into exclusive ones. For mastering the glass painting techniques you need to practice. Starting with really simple glass painting designs is a good idea.

Simple glass painting designs created with colorful lines

In the beginning the resulting painted designs may not be the most beautiful, but your patience and experience will help create very beautiful decorative vases , wine glasses and plates for your table decoration or unique gifts.

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Glass painting is a wonderful craft idea. Colorful glass painting designs are beautiful and charming.

Colorful dots, creative glass painting ideas
How to create colorful painting designs on glasses and vases

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