glass painting designs

colorful and simple glass painting designs

Glass painting ideas bring art into home decorating and can transform clear glass vases, wine glasses and plates into beautiful items for table decoration. Decor4all shares three simple and inspiring glass painting designs that are easy to create, colorful and modern. Glass painting designs that created…

modern tableware with colorful accents

White tableware look more interesting and stylish with gorgeous and colorful watercolor splashes. Elegant table setting with simple decorations and colorful tableware make dining more festive, pleasant and beautiful. Russian designers create wonderful porcelain tableware sets with spectacular watercolor splashes that are perfect for sophisticated and…

glass painting design idea

This unique decorative vase is created with tape and paint, transforming an ordinary clear glass vase into a gorgeous centerpiece. The technique is simple and easy, and the best part of this DIY home decorating project is that the same method can be applied to any…

decorative vases made of venetian glass

Amazing glass artworks by Dale Chilhuly brighten up interiors with rich or tender combinations of colors and gorgeous designs, inspired by the nature. The artists says he never met a color he did not like. His vivid glass artworks truly celebrate all color shades and color…

blue decorative vases with dry branches

Glass painting add color to ordinary cheapĀ  clear glass vases, turning them into bright decor accessories and excellent inexpensive gifts. Painted glass vases and bottles are wonderful table decorations for wedding and holidays. Fresh flowers and dry branches or branches with green leaves, berries


Creatively decorated wine glass, cocktail or beer glass is a wonderful table decoration and great gift for Fathers Day or your dads birthday. A glass with a meaningful, symbolic or funny images bring more light, joy, love and fun into your fathers life and pleasantly surprise your dad on Fathers Day.


Simple glass painting patterns and easy craft ideas create fabulous personalized gifts, unique home decorations and table centerpieces that add beauty to modern room decor.