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Contemporary floor lamps are inspired by ARCO floor lamp, the famous Italian design. Arc lamp models are functional, stylish and popular for modern room decorating. ARCO floor lamp has become a symbol of Italian standing lamps design and inspired many interior designers since 1962 for developing stylish, comfortable and impressive room decorating ideas for modern homes with arch-shaped contemporary floor lamps.


Room decorating with an arc lamp is a great idea that Italian interior designers Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni offered to the world. They created contemporary floor lamps, which are torchieres with arch-shaped legs and pendant lights at the same time. Arc lamps are versatile and can be used for various attractive and practical room decorating ideas.

Arc lamp design can provide general and task lighting and helps create bright or cozy sitting areas, highlight wall paintings or sculptures and add elegant accents to modern homes. Contemporary floor lamps, inspired by ARCO, are perfect for decorating a room in style, while creating comfortable environment and relaxing atmosphere.

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Contemporary floor lamps inspired by ARCO

Contemporary floor lamps do not have the basis, made of Carrara marble, but still offer stable, elegant, luxurious and comfortable design, which is excellent for modern interior decorating.

The telescopic leg, made in the form of an arch, is a unique idea that allows floor lamps to be used as sources of general lighting, task or accent light, and be valued for gracious lines, simple forms, beauty and perfection.

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Contemporary floor lamps, inspired by original ARCO lamp, are light and portable, offering convenience and easily changing interior decorating ideas. An arc lamp can be moved from room to room and to the garden or deck for a romantic dinner or a special event party.

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Modern lighting fixtures for your room decorating

Choosing efficient and modern lighting fixtures for your home is an important element of comfortable and pleasant room decorating.

Arc floor lamps are available in various sizes, materials, colors and design styles. Beautiful arch design, simple torchiere shades and neutral colors can match almost all interior design styles and room decor color schemes.

Large floor lamps, as well as pendant lights, are great choices for large interior decorating and living spaces with high ceilings. An elegant small arc lamp in light color is a charming accent that will compliment any room decor.

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Floor lamps are stylish and functional decor items that can inspire you to explore fresh interior decorating ideas and transform your home into more beautiful, cozy and functional place.

Large, medium and small, made of plexiglas, metal, wood or glass, charming contemporary arc torchieres are excellent for various interior decorating ideas, including dining areas, home offices, bedrooms, family and living room sitting areas.

Floor lamps provide soft light, creating cozy, airy and relaxing interior decorating. Elegant and simple arc floor lamps, combined with wall and ceiling lighting fixtures, offer bright room decorating ideas that make decorating ideas look unique, appealing to the eye and spacious.

Contemporary arc floor lamps can be attractively used for zoning. Each zone, defined and highlighted, add more comfort to room decorating. An arc floor lamp brings more light to your reading or working area, making your room decorating feel functional and comfortable.

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