floor and decor

room decor with striped rugs and carpets in bright colors

Striped rugs are cheap home decorations that can provide a great alternative to expensive floor decoration ideas and more complex patterns. Colorful striped rugs are beautiful and bright. They are great alternative to floor rugs in single colors or neutral colors. Decor4 all brings a collection…

modern interior decorating with striped rugs and carpets

Striped rugs can help accentuate modern interior decorating with interesting and unusual patterns, rich textures and colors. Round rugs with circles, floor rugs with checker board stripes, striped rugs on stairs and floor rugs with wide stripes in different lengths add additional interest to modern interior…

interior decorating with wide stripes, floor rugs

Wide stripes and contrasting colors are modern interior decorating ideas that create dramatic and classy rooms. Floor rugs and carpets with wide stripes give home interiors a wonderfully bold, interesting and graphic appeal. Traditional and contemporary floor rugs and carpets with contrasting wide stripes create a…

recycling felt craft ideas, handmade floor rugs

Huichol rugs are handmade by Elissa Medina and blend colorful designs, influenced by Mexican folk art, with creative modern ideas and amazing patience. These floor rugs are beautiful and inspiring, giving great ideas for DIY projects recycling felt fabric pieces. The colorful, soft and pleasant floor…

handmade home accessories, chrocheted floor rugs

These handmade accessories look charming, unusual and very stylish. Crocheted floor rugs are beautiful home decorations in vintage style which add character and unique accents to modern room decor. Crocheted rugs are made of materials that are surpluses of the Portuguese textile industry, recycling them into…

ottoman with storage, kilim upholstery fabric and decorative pillows

Turkish rugs and carpets are unique home accessories that are very decorative, durable, stylish and beautiful. Turkish rugs and carpets, added to modern room decor, create gorgeous, comfortable and luxurious living spaces with a colorful, ethnic interior decorating touch. Kilims bring original patterns, traditional color combinations…

green rug in green colors

Sculptured contemporary rugs reminiscent of grass and moss add unique textures and pleasant green colors to interior decorating, blending functionality and a whimsical design into original decorative accessories for exciting and modern floor decoration in eco style. Green floor carpets and sculptured rugs are wonderful for…

table placemats created with white pebbles

Beach pebbles are great material for handmade crafts, interior design and garden decorations. Smooth texture and natural color palette make beach pebbles a wonderful, versatile and very decorative material for making home decorations, table centerpieces, place mats, decorative accents and floor mats, that look unusual and…

crocheted floor rug with led lights

Night lights that softly illuminate rooms can add stylish accents to interior decorating. LED lights make night light designs energy saving and eco friendly. Unusual shapes, colors and interesting materials or techniques used for making night lights, make these lighting fixtures true home decorations

colorful home accessories for fall decorating

Colorful fall leaves are an excellent material for crafts that brighten up fall decorating ideas. Yellow, purple, orange and red leaves give inspirations to designers also. Leaf shaped Door Stoppers in green, yellow, purple, orange and red colors are a great solution for badly hung doors,…

wall art for interior decorating

Creative and colorful apartment ideas from Ukrainian architects give unique personality to modern interior design and decorating, creating bright and comfortable living spaces with an artistic and exotic flavors. Cheerful color combinations and bold contrasts turn these modern interiors

modern floor decor ideas

Pebbles Carpet is an attractive indoor carpet made out of stone pebbles sown one by one between two layers of synthetic fabric. This floor carpet is unusual and functional. The floor rug hides real pebbles inside and is excellent for massaging your feet and training foot…

large candlesticks made of wood

Giant pillar candleholders, made of wood are functional and very decorative home accessories that will help create festive atmosphere, offering unique and bold floor and table decorations. Large candle holders from the Holy collection come in bluish gray and bright orange colors

wall decoration with wool rug

Postage Stamp Rug collection is colorful, luxurious and very decorative. Wool rugs from a British company add a splash of bright color to the floor and create unusual and bold wall decoration. Creative and impressive wool rugs in pink, red, purple, blue, green and brown colors…


Decorative cushions are home accessories that everybody, adults and kids love. Large pillows, inspired by favorite foods, are the best for creating festive room decor. Flat and bean bag style decorative cushions in colorful pillow covers offer bright accents and functional home accessories

bear wool rug inspired by persian rugs

Rugs are an inportant element of interior design. Oriental rugs make interior design feel cozy, creating warm home interiors. Also contemporary rugs are not only functional room decor accessories, but beautiful and stylish decorative accents that blend ols traditions and innovative modern rug design

colorful contemporary rugs are modern floor decor ideas

Contemporary floor decor ideas from Germany are inspired by the beauty of traditional patchwork fabric patterns and elegance of antique oriental rugs. Contemporary rugs from the unique collection, called Industrial, made of antique wool rugs in patchwork design style, celebrating traditional

sculptured contemporary rugs are modern kids room decorating ideas

Kids rooms decor accessories and furniture are toys for kids. Young children like to play with furniture, cushions and home decorations. Sculptured contemporary rugs with toys are excellent kids room decorating ideas that bring stimulating interesting themes and functional


Dining and living room decorating with arc floor lamps create modern decor that feels stylish, spacious and comfortable. Contemporary floor lamps make room decor more functional and elegant.


Hand made contemporary area rugs are art pieces, inspired by urban or natural landscapes. Modern rugs create beautiful floor decor, adding bright colors, soft textures and comfort to home interiors.