15 Craft Ideas to Recycle Jeans for Functional Furniture and Home Accessories

recycle and crafts, making furniture and home accessories with jeans

Creative craft ideas and making unique furniture or home accessories while recycling old jeans are an enjoyable hobby that can demonstrate your personality and innovative nature. Recycling jeans and other fabrics can be easily adapted to many craft projects, turning useless items into inexpensive and functional home furnishings. Decor4all shares 15 great craft ideas for making furniture, home organizers, blankets, wall clocks and storage baskets, giving a new life to old jeans.


This collection of craft ideas provides fantastic inspirations and demonstrates a few simple ways to enjoy the hobby of recycling fabrics without going over budget. Recycle and crafts, creative design ideas and fresh interpretations are blended in these furniture and home accessories made of jeans and turn home furnishings into Green accessories and furniture pieces, perfect for Green living.

These furniture and home accessories are made for purposes other than artistic use. The handmade items show a creative soul, but provide functional home furnishings for room decorating. Turning clutter in treasure, these furniture and home accessories include chairs, poufs, home organizers, blankets, wall clocks and storage baskets.

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Unique furniture and home accessories recycling jeans

Recycling old jeans can help create unique furniture and home accessories for your interior decorating. Dressers, plain lamp bases, side tables, picture and mirror frames, bookshelves, stools, chairs, poufs, home organizers, blankets, wall clocks, storage baskets and lamp shades are all great for decorating them with pieces of old jeans, blending fresh design and creative craft ideas.

Using a strong craft adhesive or a glue gun, you can attach fabrics to furniture and home accessories, creating spectacular and unique centerpieces for interior decorating.

Craft ideas recycling jeans, upholstered ottoman

Recycling jeans for containers for cookies or designing personalized home organizers, decorating furniture with old jeans or making blankets with blue pieces of fabric, are perfect craft ideas that add unique details to your home interiors and turn interior decorating into an inexpensive and fun project.

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Cans look wonderful with jeans fabric glued to them, providing containers for small items. Picture and mirror frames with blue cloth help to create fresh look in your rooms. Hanging home organizers and fabulous patchwork blankets, decorative pillows and curtains are just a few craft ideas for recycling old jeans and turning worn clothes into practical and functional home accessories.

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  Posted: 19.03.2014 by Decor4all