Exotic Ikat Pattern, Modern Interior Design Trends

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House decor with ikat patterns in bright or soft colors is one of interesting modern interior design trends. Ikat is beautiful silk or cotton fabric from Asia. Traditional bright and vibrant exotic ikat patterns differ from village to village. Each strand is individually dyed and than woven into unique geometric ornament that symbolizes the strength, beauty and resilience in Asian cultures.


Ikat means binding. Ikat is an ancient way of creating house decor items, bedding and wall hanging fabric and furniture upholstery with stunning geometric ornament by resist-dyeing the treads. Modern ikat patterns on traditional silk and cotton fabrics in bright or muted colors offer engaging motifs for contemporary house decor, bringing ethnic accents into contemporary room decorating.

Home decor fabrics with stylish ikat patterns, bedding, upholstery fabric and wall hanging fabric decorations, clothing and bags,  represent village life and beliefs of Asian people, adding unique Asian flavor to modern home furnishings and dress accessories. Natural dyes make ikat decorative fabrics an excellent choice for stylish, healthy and eco friendly room decor.

Ikat patterns in modern interior design and decorating

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High quality fabric from Asian countries are woven by hand. Free of chemicals, naturally dyed ikat decorative fabrics look and feel different from machine made home decor fabrics.

Ikat bedding and curtain fabrics look the same on both sides. Many fashion designers and interior decorators make use of this unique fabric quality.

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Tie-dyed ikat textiles from Central Asia, ikat bedding, furniture upholstery and curtain fabric, pillows and tableware with ikat pattern are modern interior trends that bring bold colors into contemporary interior design and decorating.

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Unique ikat patterns and pleasant geometric ornament design adore everything from rugs, cushions and bedding to furniture upholstery, making its way into bathrooms and kitchens.

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Ceramic bowls and dining furniture upholstery fabric with energetic weave-evoking geometric ornament designs are wonderful dining room decorating ideas to add exotic flavor to your house decor.

Most popular ikat patterns are created in Central Asia, but experts know that geometric ornaments similar to Central Asian ikat patterns were made all over the world, in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bali, Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia.

In ancient times people believed that beautiful intricate ikat patterns in elegant white-blue or vivid design colors had magical significance. The complexity of manufacturing made decorative fabrics with ikat pattern a sign of wealth and prestige.

Since the late 20th century world famous fashion designers, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Dries van Noten, got inspired by traditional ikat patterns creating a modern clothing and interior design trends.

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