Handmade Door Wreaths Offering Great Craft Ideas and Cheap Fall Decorations

door wreath made of vegetables

Handmade door wreaths bring fall colors to your door and attractively decorate your walls for holidays in fall. Handmade fall wreaths are excellent fence and wall decorations also. Making wall and door wreaths for holidays and special events in fall is a great craft idea. Wall or door decoration with fall wreaths can be cheap and easy if you buy wreaths on sale. Handmade fall wreaths are even cheaper.


Select the size of your fall wreath and where you are going to put it. Local craft stores usually have ready-made seasonal wreaths. You can use a ready-to-make wreath base and add fall decorations, or take the wreath apart leaving the base vines alone to make a new door decoration.

You can collect all materials for your door wreaths, saving money on fall decorating. Go out into a wooded area. Get some vines that are alive and flexible. Look around in the trees for easily accessible vines. Make sure they are small enough to flex easily but large enough to build a strong circle for your wreath.

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door wreath made of vegetablesBright fall wreath design with fall leaves and artificial vegetables, harvest inspired fall decorating ideas

How to make wreaths

Make a loop that forms your fall wreath. Take the rest of the vine and weave it around your base loop. If you weave until the end of the vine you can add another if you wish the wreath to be thicker. If you weaved the vines just right, it should be enough to hold together on its own.

There is another way to wrap the wreath by making a frame for the size of the wreath you want. All you need is your yard, four sticks, the vines, and some wire that blends into the vine, creating a strong base for your fall wreath. Tap the sticks into your yard at the size you want. Wrap the vines around the outside of the frame and use the wire to secure the vines together.

fall wreath with rosesFall wreath with roses, wonderful craft ideas for fall decorating

When you have your door wreaths made then decorate them. Here is a collection of beautiful fall wreaths for your inspirations and ideas. Silky ribbons and fall flowers in two or three colors, pine cones or acorns, fall leaves and artificial vegetables make fall wreaths look bright, interesting and beautiful.

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Use hot glue to hold fall decorations on the wreath, and use a wire to make loops for hanging fall wreaths on walls and doors. You can use dried flowers or artificial flowers and leaves for your wall and door decoration. Let your creativity get the better of you and create handmade fall wreaths that means something to you and beautify your wall and door decoration.

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