Nautical Decor Ideas, Kids Room Decorating with Ship Wheels

nautical decor accessories ship wheels for children bedroom decorating

Ship wheels are beautiful kids room decorating ideas. Ship wheels bright the nautical decor theme into home interiors and please kids with interesting designs.  Ship wheels mirrors, wall clocks, lighting fixtures created with real or fake wood ship wheels, beautiful wallpapers and wall decorations set the adventurous and romantic mood in kids rooms.


Nautical ship wheel is the symbol of hope, strength, determination and leadership, offering a way to steer the course of your nautical decor theme in the right direction. Intricately carved helms, ship models, nautical anchors and wooden ship wheels you can create beautiful kids room decorating in red, white and blue colors.

It is a good idea to hang the ship wheel wall clocks in your kids rooms. Your nautical decor theme might look incomplete without a ship wheel image. Porthole wall clocks and mirrors, combined with ship wheels make wonderful kids room decorating.  Round shapes of nautical portholes and ship wheels soften and romanticize interior decorating, adding distinct accent to kids rooms and creating very attractive walls.

Nautical decor theme and creative furnishings for kids room decorating

Red, white and blue colors, stripes and a ship wheel wall decoration, nautical decor ideas for kids room decorating

Ship wheels bring the thrill of ocean adventures and sea voyages into kids room decorating. The nautical home decor ideas have plenty of options and decorative accessories to use to enhance this romantic mood in their bedrooms.

Red, white and blue color combinations, stripes and signal flag designs, ship models and images of waves or tall ships on walls create gorgeous and romantic nautical decor and celebrate the unique theme for kids room decorating. Nautical decor has something for everyone, for all kids of different ages and genders. Children love ship models, nautical anchors and ship wheels, that add unique maritime furnishings to their room decorating.

Kids room decorating with nautical decor accessories

Because a ship wheel was an important part of the ship, allowing to steer it, sailors gave the wheels nicknames. Ship wheel symbolizes a sailor’s longing to return to his home on land and became a talisman and a logo. This wonderful, meaningful and beautiful nautical decor item is a great way to add personality to kids room decorating with maritime theme.

Nautical decorating ideas for kids rooms

Nautical bedroom decor, bright colors and fun decorating ideas for kids

Nautical decor ideas for young sea lovers dreaming in boys bedrooms

Displaying ship wheels add recognizable symbols that impress kids and their friends. Ship wheels make great gifts and home decorations for all kids who love things related to the sea.

Unique kids bed design inspired by ship wheels
Ship wheel wall decoration and red-white-blue color combination for kids room decorating with nautical decor theme
Creative ceiling light made with ship wheel for kids room decorating
Creative artworks and home decorations for nautical decor

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