How to Recycle for Crafts, New Life of Wallpaper Leftovers

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You can recycle for crafts in numerous creative ways. Wallpaper leftovers are great for lampshades and furniture decoration, creating original wall clocks, organizers, and making beautiful gift bags. Decorative boxes, wall artworks, attractive frames are just a few ideas for recycling wallpaper for crafts and home decorations.


You can cut out attractive and colorful images or use wallpaper for making book covers, bookmarks, artificial flowers, and holiday decorations, like garlands or Christmas tree ornaments. Gift bags and decorations for presents are excellent ways to recycle wallpaper leftover pieces.

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Wallpaper rolls, craft materials

Here is the Decor4all collection of original and inspiring ideas for recycling and papercrafts. Check it out, and you can be surprised how many beautiful things you can make with modern wallpaper.

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