chair covers

knitted lamp shades

Knits and knitted home furnishings, like lamp shades, decorative pillows, blankets, furniture covers and floor rugs, are one of modern trends in decorating that has the power to stay. Designers reinvented knitting crafts, rediscovered the value of unique home furnishings that bring warmth of handmade decor…


Fine furniture upholstery fabrics and colorful fabric prints from Australian designers look bright and colorful, making a strong statement and creating cheerful atmosphere in the living room. Australian-made armchairs and sofas and vintage furniture from IKEA with floral upholstery fabric prints feel comfortable and pleasant. Simple…

Modern dining chair covers, made of interesting fabric, with embroidery, ruffles, creative buttons, ribbons and beads make room decor brighter, adding spring decorating colors and freshness to your home.