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New wallpaper designs, developed by Bless, Berlin-Paris, offer customers to create their own unique interior decorating style with wallpaper patterns, inspired by retro homes. Designers produced interesting contemporary wallpaper patterns, that are unusual, impressive, casual and inviting. Bold and graphic, latest wallpapers add nostalgic flavor to modern interior decorating design, helping create cozy room decor and relaxing atmosphere. (Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns)


Designers duet Bless and a clothing store Mood Swings Store with AGNCY agency released few series of latest wallpapers designs, inspired by retro interior decorating ideas and old city homes. New wallpaper patterns are based on photographs of home interiors in Berlin, Leipzig, Moscow, Paris and Luxembourg.

Designers took pictures of old rooms in each European city, creating high quality traditional rolls and contemporary decorative panels, wallpapered for unique, interesting and modern room decorating. The murals are made using the newest computer to plate offset printing technology, which gives the highest possible image clarity and perfect color match.

Latest wallpapers

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Interesting, retro-modern wallpaper patterns offer fresh or well forgotten interior decorating ideas. (Bedroom decorating ideas, green wallpaper designs) Latest wallpapers trend helps make a great statement in large and small rooms, where walls become invisible and disappear.

Starting from April,  new wallpaper designs from Bless are sold in the shop Mood Swings Apartment Store and designers boutiques in Berlin and Paris.

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