Modern Interior Decorating with British Symbols, 30 Patriotic Decoration Ideas

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Modern interior decorating with British symbols look bright and creative. Patriotic decoration ideas, combined with red color shades create a wonderful blend of traditional and new, and personalize interior decorating with gorgeous combinations of English motifs and decorating colors. Decor4all shares a collection of creative ideas for all rooms and interior decorating styles.


Red color, mixed with blue and white, looks exciting and interesting, emphasizing patriotic decoration inspired by British flag colors. Interior decorating with English symbols is meaningful and creative, and can be very attractive while offering versatile and modern home decor ideas for all.

Modern home decor ideas that include images of the London buses and taxi cabs, telephones, English pennies, Big Ben and Tower bridge, feel contemporary while connecting new design with old traditions.

Modern interior decorating with British symbols

Modern wall decor with ceramic tiles and British symbols, patriotic decoration with white and red colors

British flags have been used throughout the centuries to mark the territory of a governing body. As the British colonized a large part of the world, each new territorial governor raised this flag over the countries of India, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean Islands and Canada.

Later each country adopted its own unique flag, but some national flags still bearing a remnant of the former government flag. Patriotic decoration shows how to stand proudly under the stars and stripes in red-white-blue colors.

Modern interior decorating in vintage style

The combination of red, white and blue colors are very attractive for many people using these beautiful colors for interior decorating color schemes. The symbols of London are wonderful inspirations for creating modern home decor ideas that reflect the love for the British capital and England.

Small apartment ideas blending patriotic decoration colors and classic home furnishings

30 patriotic decoration ideas, British themed decor in red white and blue colors

Modern trends in decorating with national colors are influenced by stunning home furnishings and wall decoration in colors of the British national flag. The patriotic decoration ideas can use the colors of different national flags providing wonderful opportunities to experiment with interior decorating color schemes.

British flag inspired, living room decorating in red-white-blue colors, patriotic decoration theme

All English symbols are popular motifs that add interest to British inspired, original and modern interior decorating. Enjoy this collection and use some of these interior decorating ideas to add patriotic decoration theme to your home decor.

Creative, spectacular and modern interior decorating with English symbols
British flag for bedroom wall decoration

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