Modern Decor Ideas Inspired by Knitting and Crochet, Latest Trends in Decorating

modern chair with stitches pattern

Knits and crochet designs define one of latest trends in decorating with beautiful soft textures and unique patterns. Knits and crochet designs look exclusive and surprising in modern interiors, blending traditional crafts with contemporary home decorating ideas. Decor4all presents new modern decor ideas, inspired by real knits and crochet designs.


These beautiful home furnishings, modern furniture and decor accessories offer wonderful decorating ideas rethinking the old way of bringing knitting and crochet designs into rooms decor. Knitted texture and crochet patterns can be enjoyed without spending time on time-consuming crafts. Modern furniture and decor accessories from young designs bring stitches and loops into modern home decor.

The Stitching Concrete stool, created by German designer Florian Schmidt, looks interesting and fresh, creating an illusion of sewn fabric. Contemporary furniture with such playful details adds interest to modern interiors and enhance room decor or outdoor home decorating with accents inspired by crafts.

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Hand knitted home furnishings for modern interior decorating

Rethinking knit and crochet trends in decorating

These beautiful and modern trends started with decor items created by Patricia Urquiola. Two years ago, the famous designer came up with her original and innovative sunbed Biknit with the seat which looks like a large knitted sweater .

unique furniture design with stitches prints, modern chairs in orange
Modern chairs with orange upholstery fabric and knitting stitches texture

Modern furniture with stitches patterns and prints

Threads and loops create fantastic, surprising and ultra modern furniture with Avant-Garde style vibe. Created with natural, eco friendly or recycled materials, these modern decor ideas are excellent for creating interesting, unusual and eclectic interior decorating.

wooden stool, unique furniture design
Wooden stool with carved pattern that mimic crochet designs

Riva 1920 exhibition in Milan showed a series of wooden puffs made ​​in the form of different objects and demonstrating knit texture and patterns that mimic knits and crochet designs. Modern fabrics add unique knit and crochet patterns to modern furniture and create unique furniture items, like these upholstered sofas from Zanotta and Kartell.

modern chair with stitches pattern
Indoor-outdoor furniture with stitches pattern, wooden chairs in orange color

Stitches for wall decoration

Decorative wall panels Casalis prove that even wall decoration can be adorned with these unique patterns, adding fabulous texture to modern decor ideas.

Modern hooks with stitches texture
Decorative wall panel with stitches texture

Decor accessories with stitches patterns and prints

Decorative pillows with colorful stitches print
Ceramic vase with stitches texture
Decorative pouf with knitted fabric

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