Modern Interior Decorating with Stripes in White and Blue Colors

modern interiors with striped decor in white and blue, decorative patterns

Stripes are modern, simple and very decorative patterns. White and blue stripes are one of great ways to enhance nautical decor theme or add striking accents to patriotic decoration ideas and celebrate American flag colors. Decor4all collected some bright and modern interior decorating ideas that include white and blue stripes and shares them to provide inspirations.


Striped rugs, room furniture and decor accessories in white and blue colors are excellent, attractive and modern ideas for nautical decor theme. Stripes in white and blue colors will beautifully decorate American homes for the weeks surrounding the July 4th holiday also. Stars and stripes in white and blue colors add meaningful details to patriotic decoration in summer and turn modern home interiors into inviting living spaces.

Striped rugs, room furniture upholstery fabrics, window curtains, decorative pillows and lamp shades in white and blue colors, combined with bright red accents, create stylish and comfortable interior decorating, inspired by the nautical decor theme.

Fabulous decorative patterns adding color and interest to modern home decorating ideas

Modern interior decorating with white and blue stripes

Small bathroom design and decorating with striped wallpaper and floor mosaic tiles in white and blue colors

Regardless of the type of patriotic decoration or ideas that enhance the nautical decor theme, you can use white and blue stripes for interior decorating in any season.

Striped in white and blue colors look gorgeous and energizing. They brighten up room decorating and enhance home interiors with these stylish, eye-catching and decorative patterns.

Striped rugs for interior decorating

The nautical decor theme and patriotic decoration ideas for the summer holiday looks amazing with white and blue stripes. Creative interior decorating ideas and unique home furnishings with white and blue stripes make the celebrations go beyond just holiday decor and allow to enjoy the great theme all year around

Modern interior decorating with classy meander, decorative patterns

Modern room decor with vertical stripes, 20 room decorating ideas

Stripes in white and blue colors are versatile decorative patterns, suitable for any interior decorating style, room size, age and both genders. You can also extend the patriotic theme into food with berry trifles and other treats that use red, white and blue.

Small kitchen design and decorating with striped rug in white and blue
Modern living room decorating with white and blue stripes
Living room furniture upholstery fabric with white and blue stripes

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