Home Decorating in Mediterranean Style Brings Unique Accents into Living Spaces

mosaic bathroom design in mediterranean style

Home decorating in Mediterranean style defines many popular interior design trends. Outdoor rooms and interior decorating in Mediterranean style feel warm, comfortable and inviting. This gorgeous and stylish interior decorating style is perfect for creating a relaxing and bright home in which you can entertain and rest in elegant and pleasant way.


Home decorating ideas in Mediterranean style transform living spaces into unique, spectacular and functional home interiors and outdoor rooms. Just few simple changes to your home decorating can add a look of Mediterranean style and flavored interior decorating and outdoor rooms with striking and colorful designs, natural textures and earthy beautiful decorating colors.

Home decorating in the “Mediterranean style is about textured walls and warm floor decor, solid wood furniture and personalized decor accessories, unique traditional designs and dramatic centerpieces that offer fantastic focal points for creating stylish, very attractive and intimate home decor.

Interior decorating in Mediterranean style

living room design in neutral colors
Living room design in Mediterranean style, blue and neutral colors

Mediterranean home decorating style came from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This part of the world blends many different cultures on three continents, and home decorating ideas in Mediterranean style vary, offering to take inspirations from many local traditions.

Home decorating ideas in Mediterranean style can be inspired by houses in Spain and France, Greece and Italy, Turkey and Egypt, Morocco and Tunis, blending European, African and Middle Eastern ethnic interior decorating ideas into rich and impressive Mediterranean style. Traditionally the Mediterranean style is associated with European  countries from Portugal to Greece. African and Middle Eastern ethnic interior decorating  has  a unique and distinctive look, although all interior decorating styles in the Mediterranean region are enriched by other influences.

bedroom decorating in mediterranean style and blue colors
Modern bedroom decorating ideas, blue colors emphasizing the Mediterranean style

Furniture in Mediterranean style is low and features decorated elements, carved wood and curved parts, heavy hardware with smooth glossy finish and natural upholstery fabrics.  The walls are textured. The most distinctive element of home decorating in Mediterranean style is the walls covered with wooden designs, amazing wall murals showing seascapes and beach scenes through ornate windows.

Mediterranean home decorating ideas, luxurious modern interiors

Luxury apartment ideas, interior decorating in Mediterranean style

Floor decor in Mediterranean style bring ceramic tiles, enhancing outdoor rooms and interior decorating with fabulous, colorful and impressive mosaic tile designs. Floor rugs and decorative pillows, all kinds of natural home decorating fabrics create cozy and luxurious home interiors. Glass and pottery, paintings and statues, baskets full of fruit and vegetables are combined with green indoor plants, designing fabulous interior decorating in Mediterranean style.

mosaic kitchen backsplash design
Tile backslash design for kitchen interior decorating in Mediterranean style

Mediterranean interior decorating ideas are warmth, welcoming, functional and comfortable. Homes in Mediterranean style offer living spaces with a livable feel and appeal. The Mediterranean style emphasizes simplicity and functionality, blending them with elegantly matched room colors. Home decorating in Mediterranean style can cost a lot of money to bring natural materials, original designs into rooms and achieve that simple chic look.

Tuscan home decor ideas in contemporary Italian style

Unique Sicilian homes, traditional Italian decorating style

Wall murals and unique wooden designs, spectacular tapestry and traditional decorating fabrics take skill to create or apply to interior decorating in Mediterranean style. To decorate your entire home in Mediterranean style  can be expensive, but bringing the charm of this gorgeous style into a room, redesign your balcony or backyard in Mediterranean style are easy and affordable, creating amazing, pleasant and stylish interior or outdoor living space to enjoy.

Mosaic tiles for modern bathroom design in Mediterranean style

Outdoor rooms in Mediterranean style

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