Fabulous Decorative Patterns Adding Interest to Modern Home Decorating Ideas

home decorating with quatrefoil designs

Paisley patterns bring the boteh or buta, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin into modern interior decorating with modern wallpaper designs, textiles and home fabrics. These beautiful and exotic decorative patterns became very popular in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries, following imports of designs from British India, especially in the form of Kashmir shawls.


Today paisley patterns are imitated locally and used for modern interior decorating with Asian vibe. These decorative patterns are called Persian pickles by American designers and quilt makers, or Welsh pears, regarding to Welsh textiles of the 19th century.

Modern interior decorating ideas use fabrics, oriental rugs and wallpaper designs with paisley patterns that look beautiful and bring an oriental interior decorating charm into offices and homes. Unique and bright, these decorative patterns are excellent for adding accents in Middle Eastern and Central Asian styles to modern rooms.

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Paisley patterns for modern interior decorating

Modern bedding fabrics with paisley designs in bright colors

These decorative patterns in black and white colors or bright shades are great for ethnic interior decorating, especially for accentuating Moroccan decor.

Designed in monochromatic or vivid color palettes, paisley patterns give a unique touch to modern interior decorating while harmoniously blending with existing modern home furnishings or furniture and decor accessories in vintage style.

Wall tiles, paisley pattern for modern wall decorating
Modern wallpaper designs with paisley patterns
Bedding fabrics with paisley designs
Paisley wallpaper pattern for bedroom decorating

Interior decorating with tartan pattern

Tartans are decorative patterns consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in different colors. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in all traditional and contemporary materials. These decorative patterns are associated with Scotland and Scottish kilts.

Home fabrics with plaid pattern

Called plaid in North America, these decorative patterns look fabulous on walls, room furniture and decor accessories. Blankets and pillows, window curtains and wall design, lamp shades and furniture upholstery fabrics with tartan patterns are stylish, elegant and interesting.

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Modern wallpaper in black and white with tartan pattern, bedroom decorating ideas
Dining furniture upholstery fabric in red color with tartan pattern
Living room furniture upholstery fabric in blue color with plaid design
Modern wallpaper with plaid pattern
Tartan pattern for wall decorating

Damask patterns

Damask is a reversible textured fabric made of silk, wool, linen, cotton or synthetic fibers. Damask patterns are formed by weaving and create fascinating designs. Damasks are woven with one warp yarn and one weft yarn, usually with the decorative patterns in warp-faced satin weave and the ground in weft-faced or sateen weave.

Modern wallpaper with damask designs

Modern damasks are woven on computerized Jacquard looms. The weaves are commonly produced in monochromatic, single-color fabrics and feature unique and very decorative patterns of flowers, fruits, and other attractive, popular and modern designs.

Golden wallpaper with damask pattern
Red wallpaper with damask pattern
Modern wallpaper design with damask pattern
White tableware with red damask designs

Modern interior decorating with quatrefoil designs

Quatrefoil designs are popular in art and architecture. These decorative patterns blend traditional Christian symbolism with interesting shapes created by arches that create amazingly attractive framework.

Modern living room decorating ideas, floor rug with quatrefoil pattern

Quatrefoil patterns consist of symmetrical shapes which form the overall outline of four overlapping circles of the same diameter.

Modern interior decorating with braided decorative patterns and textures

Black and white dining room decorating with zebra prints and decorative patterns

These decorative patterns look like four leaves and add intricate, lace like designs to modern interior decorating. The simplicity and elegance, mixes with curvy, soft and pleasant elements, create fabulous decorative patterns, which play with contrasts and give charm, classic beauty and unique character to modern interior decorating ideas.

Quatrefoil patterns on modern home furnishings

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