Modern Interior Trends in Decorating Walls and Decorative Fabrics from Heimtextil 2013

room colors and latest trends in decorative fabrics

Modern interior trends in decorating walls, decorative fabrics and textiles 2013 bring beautiful materials, fresh color combinations, 3d textures and new technologies, blending contemporary designs with traditional, classic and ethnic interior decorating ideas and familiar decoration patterns, and create gorgeous, optimistic and stylish room decor.


Modern interior trends in decorating walls, decorative fabrics and textiles are developed by an international interior design team which includes decorating experts from England, Netherlands, Japan, United States, France and Germany. They bring impressive and gorgeous interior decorating ideas that will help create pleasant and comfortable, fairy-tale like, modern interior decor in 2013.

Modern interior trends in decorating walls, decorative fabrics and textiles 2013 show stylish room colors and color combinations, elegant finishes, contemporary wall decoration and floor decor ideas that have personality and can make a statement. All modern interior decorating ideas are divided into four exciting interior trends: The Historian, The Eccentric, The inventor, The Geologist.

latest trends in decorating with fabrics
Latest trends in decorating with fabrics and floor rugs, decoration patterns and modern color combinations

4 modern interior trends in decorating 2013

The Historian is one of modern interior trends in decorating that blend treasurers of the past with fresh room decor ideas, seeking value and discovering ways to make history relevant to contemporary life and modern interior decorating. This modern interior trend brings partial to noble products of supreme craft and artisanship with aristocratic élan, antique decorating fabrics and textiles, classy decoration patterns and color combinations, creating luxurious and exquisite interior decor.

The Eccentric is the most unpredictable of modern interior trends in decorating. A hunter and collector, chasing the exquisite and the unique, cherishing and mixing discoveries with daring eclecticism create bold and very personal interior design with surprising decoration patterns, unexpected decorating fabrics combinations and textiles that look like artworks. Flamboyant concepts that have a timeless quality and an extremely decorative character add charming personality to room decor.

latest wallpapers with 3d and floral patterns
Latest wallpaper with floral designs and 3d texture

The Inventor is the best of all interior trends for ann intelligent free thinker, experimenting and researching solutions to make life fulfilling, and interior decorating fun and exciting. Fond of concepts in which function meets fun, wellness and entertainment, the inventor add exciting designs, interesting decorative fabrics, textiles and innovative ideas to modern interior decorating.

Decorative fabrics and country home decor ideas from Ralph Lauren

Modern upholstery fabric prints, living room furnishings and designer fabrics

The Geologist interior trend is about the nature. Perfect for a nature lover, preserving as well as exploring the deepest layers of the earth and digging down for the unseen and the unexpected, modern interior decorating in eco style allow to reuse and recycle, enriching room decor ideas with creative designs. Modern interior decorating in eco style values the precious imperfections of geological textures, the science of nature and its surreal quality, enhancing home decor with natural decorative fabrics and textiles, and creating a natural look in elegant style.

latest trends in interior decorating, tree stump furniture
Wood furniture made from tree stumps, modern wallpaper with pattern inspired by the nature

Modern decoration patterns for wall decor

Geometric decoration patterns and floral prints, abstract designs and nature inspired textures are modern interior trends in decorating walls. Simulation of bulk items, ornaments or natural objects, combined with modern color combinations and 3d textures creates amazing, interesting and stylish wall decor.

Modern wallpaper patterns, trees and branches

Modern wallpapers made from leaves, beautiful home decor ideas in eco style

Bright floral and green leaf designs, logs, old wood and tree trunks or branches are modern interior decoration patterns that define stylish and popular trends in decorating walls.

Modern interior trends in room colors, fabric patterns and prints

Modern room colors and color combinations

Most popular interior decorating color combinations include gray color shades. Wallpaper patterns and decorating fabrics from new home decor collections include dark or light gray color.Bright accent wall designs are popular trends in decorating also.

Modern interior trends in decorating fabrics

New furniture upholstery fabric and curtain fabric collection by Sonia Rykiel

Modern interior trends in decorating fabrics and textiles

Modern curtain fabric, upholstery fabric, and decorative fabrics for lamp shades and decor accessories come in various colors, pastel, neutral color tones and muted color shades, but super stylish interior trends suggest vivid, saturated room colors for interior decorating with fabrics that dramatically transform spaces, adding youthful mood and dynamic feel to room decor.

Modern interior trends in bedroom colors, bedding, decorative pillows and curtain fabrics

Home furnishings in calm tones look gorgeous with colorful accents and bright details. Modern interior trends suggest adding colorful decorative pillows to living room sofas and chairs in neutral colors, using bedding sets and towels in bright colors ,and bringing vivid color combinations into dining room decor with bright table decorating fabrics that help design optimistic and happy living spaces.

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