Modern Office Furniture, Fred and Ginger Office Furniture Set by Roberto Lazzeroni

modern table and chair set for office

Modern office furniture set from Italian designer Roberto Lazzeroni includes a writing table in black and ginger brown colors and a chair that adds the charm of retro furniture to office decor. The modern  office furniture pieces are created for Poltrona Frau, an Italian furniture manufacture in Turin, that offers elegant and functional furniture designs for modern lifestyle.


Beautiful modern furniture from Poltrona Frau, bring Italian style and timeless elegance into modern homes and offices, creating a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. High quality materials and exclusive furniture design ideas are for all who appreciate the chic of simplicity.

Made of soft leather in ginger brown color, the table and chair set is a true decoration for office or home interiors. Inviting, stylish and gorgeous office furniture set features strong frames and attractive design materials that feel warm and inviting.

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Office furniture from Italian designer

italian furniture for officeItalian furniture for office design, modern table and chair set

Made of high density polyurethane,  this office furniture set is the combination of rigidity, elasticity and seducing softness.

The table and chair make an impressive duo, offering an attractive decoration for office design. Fred and Ginger office furniture set is a nice way to add softness and warmth to office interior design and spice up the interior with a pleasant color.

modern table and chair set for officeModern tale and chair in ginger brown color

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Leather chair in black andginger brown color

modern chair designModern chair design in white and ginger brown colors
Leather chair in black and brown colors

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