Disfatto Furniture Collection by Denis Guidone, Modern Furniture Design

modern furniture design with sofa and chair back made of large cushions

Beautiful living room furniture collection Disfatto is created by Italian designer Denis Guidone for D3CO and includes soft and comfortable sofas and chairs in various bright colors. The back of the sofas and chairs are made of a squashy large pillows, offering a cozy, warm, nest-like retreats.


Functional and modern furniture design offer convenient space saving solution for a duvet storage. The back of the sofa can be laid out to cover the upholstered sofa or chair base and used as a duvet or a large pillow.

Modern furniture design ideas from Denis Guidone include natural materials, like bamboo, latex, felt and cotton, attractive colors, a changeable shape and simple form, functionality and stylish look.

Modern furniture design for D3CO, www.d3co.it/

modern furniture design with sofa and chair back made of large cushionsModern furniture design, sofas and chairs with backs made of large cushions

The sofa or chair back can be changed over time and with the seasons, adding different colors and creating fresh living room design.

Simple structure show soft lines. Soft duvet looks warm and friendly. Changeable shape makes modern furniture design feel more personal and comfortable, ergonomic and interesting, creating the attractive imperfections and adding life to modern furniture design.

green and black sofa, italian furniture designGreen and black sofa with back made of soft large cushion that can be used as a duvet, modern furniture design ideas

Living room furniture, modern interior trends in sofas and chairs

Beautiful furniture upholstery fabric prints, modern furniture design with vintage charm

green and black duvet that makes sofa backGreen and black duvet for sofa back, modern furniture design idea from Italian designer Denis Guidone

Fusion of minimalist and classic home decorating styles in modern furniture design

Decorative cushions, food inspired designer pillows

Pink and black chair with large pillows that creates a soft back and allows to change the way the chair looks and feels

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