Beautiful Wallpapers Creating Antique Tin Ceiling and Stylish Wall Decor

modern wallpaper patterns in vintage style

Beautiful wallpapers, called Brooklyn Tins, create a gorgeous line of faux wallpapers that are available for purchasing and ceiling or wall decorating with unique designs and charming vintage style. Unique, photo-realistic modern wallpapers are based on Victorian press-tin ceilings that were so popular in Victorian New York.


Beautiful wallpapers are digitally printed onto non-woven paper and look like tin ceilings, surprising and delighting the viewer with antique like designs.

These modern wallpaper patterns are available the Wallpaper Collective in the US and Rockett St George in the UK. Pressed tin came to North America as a lower priced option to the plasterwork used in Europe. New wallpaper patterns bring back the trend of pressed tin ceilings, that were popular during the Victorian era.

Modern wallpaper patterns

Modern wallpaper patterns, trees and branches

Beautiful wallpapers with leaves, modern wall decor in eco style

Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns

Tin ceiling wallpaper patterns

modern wallpaper patterns in vintage styleModern wallpaper patterns for vintage decor

These beautiful wallpapers are perfect decorating ideas forĀ  those who love vintage decor and unique decorative details. If you like the tin ceilings in apartments and feel that it is very American, then you will appreciate that these modern wallpaper patterns can be your now.

The wallpaper patterns will transform your ceiling designs, adding more fun and creative design to your interior decorating. Whether your apply the wallpaper to your walls or ceilings, interior design will look fantastic.

beautiful wallpapers for vintage decorTin ceiling wallpaper patterns adding antique look to modern wall or ceiling designs

  Posted: 17.09.2012 by Decor4all